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Fifth positive Texas County COVID-19 test isolating at home in Laclede County

Texas Co. Health Dept.

A fifth positive COVID-19 test result for the county has been received. Contact tracing completed by the public health nurse indicated the case is linked to a Laclede County case. The patient has been visiting that area for several weeks and remains there while isolating at home.
Each of us must NOT assume unless a potential community exposure happens in the town where we live, that it means “no risk.” COVID-19 is widespread throughout the entire United States. Per CDC: “Every activity (shopping, work, school, public events, travel, recreation, family gatherings) that involves contact with others has some degree of risk right now. Knowing if you are at increased risk for severe illness and understanding the risks associated with different activities of daily living can help you make informed decisions about which activities to resume and what level of risk you will accept.”
We highly encourage everyone to practice basic preventative measures to decrease their own risk of any type of respiratory illness any time and the spread of COVID-19 within the community. Practice proper and frequent hand washing, avoid contact with people who are sick, cover coughs and sneezes, clean frequently used surfaces, and stay home when sick.
(Texas County Health Department Facebook page, July 1, 2020)


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