IECA Annual Meeting

Photo by Shari Harris

Angela Lenox Mallery, left, and Donald K. Hall, right, 

were nominated for the North District seat on the board. Mallery won the seat.


By Shari Harris



Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association (IECA) held their annual meeting Friday, Aug. 7. This year’s meeting definitely had a different appearance, due to safeguards put in place to reduce members’ and employees’ potential exposure to COVID-19.

Most voting was completed by mail-in ballots, however, drive-through voting was available at the meeting as well. Instead of holding the meeting at the Intercounty pavilion in the Old City Park, workers assembled tents and used cones and tape to mark off driving paths on the empty lot north of Rinne Pharmacy.

The event was limited to the business meeting, with no vendors, no meal and no music. The five cars that attended were lined up in front of the main tent and tuned their radios to 88.7 FM in order to hear the speakers. Board President Matt Duncan led the meeting, with Board Secretary-Treasurer Tom Fleener, CEO Doug Lane and Attorney Ed Hoertel presenting their portions.

Minutes from the previous annual meeting and the financial report were approved. No further nominations to the board were made. In the absence of unfinished business and new business, the meeting was recessed until noon, at which time the ability to cast your ballot ended and the votes were counted.

Two board seats were unopposed this year. Tom Fleener, incumbent for the Central District, was reelected with 2,813 votes. James Swindell, incumbent for the South District, was reelected with 2,804 votes.

Dennis Baird, retired from the board and two nominees competed for his North District seat. Donald K. Hall received 1,281 votes and Angela Lenox Mallery received 1,632 votes, winning the position on the board.

Voters were entered into drawings for electric credits. The $600 electric credit was won by Robert and Jane Romines, two $200 credits went to Don and Norma Rector and Albert Crump, and four $100 credits were given to Jennifer Dugay, Ray Goldsmith, Ralph and Shelia Fletcher and Melinda Fuwell.

The proposed change to the bylaws passed with a vote of 2,192 Yes and 844 No.

Also of interest is the following scam alert noted on IECA’s Facebook page. “While Intercounty has begun disconnecting meters for accounts with unpaid balances, we will never call you demanding immediate payment over the phone. Several members report receiving such a demand from a well-spoken man claiming to be from a local electric provider. If you have any questions regarding your account, please call our office directly at 866-621-3679.”

Photo by Shari Harris

IECA Board President Matt Duncan addressed the few individuals who 

attended the annual meeting through a radio broadcast.




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