Obituary - Terris “Dylan” Carlson

 Dylan Carlson, 40, of Licking, Mo., died June of 2020.

It was never my intention to cause you undue strain,

To crush your lives or fill your hearts with pain.

I felt your love; I knew you cared;

I cherished the wonderful moments we shared.

Please don’t let it be said that my life was in vain,

I just couldn’t see through the darkness because of the blinding pain.

Don’t question yourselves, don’t ask, “What could I do?”

The choices I’ve made were not because of you.

I am here now and the peace is divine.

I feel complete freedom for the very first time.

It’s beautiful, just as I’ve dreamed it would be.

No pain, no fear for eternity.

Remember that I love you, always have and always will.

Dry away your tears, let your emotions be still,

And at the end of the day when you’ve cried all you can,

I’ll sit quietly beside you and hold onto your hand.

You’ll feel that I am near, in the wind, the rain, the sun,

And you’ll know my life’s not over; it has really just begun.

                                                                      By Tracy Rosson


Dylan was born March 18, 1980, in North Carolina and was preceded in death by his father, Terry Carlson. He is survived by his step-father, Larry Booker; his mother, Sondra Booker; his step-mother, Lizabeth Carlson; his grandmother, Charlotte Groves; and his daughter, Sydnee. He was loved and will be missed very much.

Special thanks to Heritage Funeral Home in Coolidge, Ariz., for ensuring Dylan made it home to us to rest in peace.



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