Sunflower patch a blooming success

Photo by Shari Harris

John and Cherie Kissiar celebrated the grand opening of Kissiar Sunflower Patch Aug. 28-30. They estimated up to 3,000 people attended, spread throughout Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings. Seventy sunflowers were adopted in memory of loved ones, and three-dozen t-shirts were sold. Vendors included G’ma Pam’s Rack Pack and the Wildcat Travel Club, 

both of which donated to the fundraiser, and Sweet Stop Ice Cream truck (Saturday only). 

My Little Cupcake also featured a sunflower cookie to help with the fundraising.

Several out-of-town visitors attended, asking for food and fuel information as they left. The Kissiar’s hope their sunflower patch succeeds in raising enough funds to send a sick child and their family on a special trip, but also helps attract more customers to businesses in the area.




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