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Salvation Army Drive to begin

By Linda Roberts

The local Salvation Army Kettle Drive will begin Saturday, November 21, at the Town & Country Super Market and end December 24. The goal for this year is $6,000, which is the amount we collected last year.

This money will go to help people in our area needing assistance with such things as rent, utilities, lodging, transportation, meals, etc. Texas County gets to keep 85 percent of the money donated while 15 percent goes to the main office in St. Louis.

Because Licking residents have been very generous in the past with money and time, we know we can count on you to help again this year. If you would like to “man the kettle,” sign your name and phone number in one or several of the slots on the calendar that is posted at Town & Country Super Market or call 573-674-3966 or 573-578-4802. David and Linda Roberts are coordinating the local kettle drive. This year masks are mandatory for all workers.

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