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Licking History Club visits Lincoln Museum

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From left: Carson Chambers, Madison Lane, Cliff Hawn, Taylor Lucas, Brandon Canavan, John Tyree, Dawson Havens, Alex Buckner, Marianna Sanchez, Kyson Quick, Aubri Tillery, Maddie Lilly, December Maxey, Zoe Mesger, Emalee Breeden, Mr. Mitch Harris.

Students of the Licking History Club traveled to the Abraham Lincoln Museum located in Springfield, Ill., to re-live and walk through the life and times of President Lincoln.

Students got to experience the life, trials and tribulations of Abraham Lincoln’s tenure as our 16th president. They were able to bear witness to what it meant to persevere through heartbreak and widespread criticism.

By walking among the many artifacts, many marveled at some of the personal artifacts on display. One such artifact was a piece of clothing that belonged to Laura Keene, who held Lincoln in Ford’s Theater after he had been shot. The clothing was still stained with Lincoln’s blood. These types of artifacts and individual accounts do not just illuminate the past but transform it into a personal connection.

History Club then travelled to pay their respects at Lincoln’s Tomb before returning home. In all, it was a great trip for students to see that, even with a country as divided as it was at the time, the U.S. was able to come back together and help lead the world into the future.

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