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2020 Fall 4-H State Shoot Awards

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Prizewinners in the shooting sports are: front row from left, Cade Richards, Tristan Weaver, Case Jones, Connor Tuttle, Ian Young, Cylas Black; back row from left, Kaitlyn Davis, Ben Steelman, Brighton Hutson. Not pictured: Lane Miller, Evan Gifford and Brayden Smith.

Texas County 4-H leadership held an area wide banquet and award presentation on Saturday, Jan. 23 at Cabool Second Baptist Church. This was a new strategy by ever-resilient Missourians to honor prizewinners from the 4-H Fall State Shoots, which were held virtually in 2020, depriving the participants of their normal award presentations.

Individual shooters who received awards included: Kaitlyn Davis (Senior Trap – 1st place, Senior Sporting Clays – 8th place); Case Jones (Senior Trap – 4th place); Cade Richards (Senior Trap – blue ribbon); Tristan Weaver (Senior Trap – blue ribbon); Ian Young (Senior Trap – blue ribbon); Brighton Hutson (Senior Skeet – 2nd place, Senior Sporting Clays – 3rd place); Ben Steelman (Intermediate Trap – 3rd place, Intermediate Skeet – 1st place, Intermediate Sporting Clays – 5th place); Connor Tuttle (Intermediate Trap – 4th place); Cylas Black (Intermediate Trap – 9th place, Intermediate Skeet – 8th place, Intermediate Sporting Clays – 3rd place).

These talented shooters helped with the following team placements:

Connor Tuttle, Ben Steelman, Cylas Black and Lane Miller comprised the first place Intermediate Trap team.

Case Jones, Brighton Hutson, Kaitlyn Davis and Evan Gifford comprised the first place Senior Trap team.

Case Jones, Brighton Hutson and Kaitlyn Davis comprised the third place Senior Sporting Clays team.

Brighton Hutson, Kaitlyn Davis and Brayden Smith comprised the fourth place Senior Skeet team.

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Archery competition included: from left, Kutter Eilenstine, Dae Barker, Emily Young, Ian Young. Not pictured: Dawson Havens-Green.

Participating in the Archery competition were: Kutter Eilenstine (Intermediate Archery 300 Compound Release – blue ribbon); Dae Barker (Archery 300 Compound Release – blue ribbon, Archery 3D Compound Bow – white ribbon); Emily Young (Intermediate Archery 300 Compound Release – first year participation); Ian Young (Archery 300 Compound Fingers – 9th place); Dawson Havens-Green (Intermediate Archery 300 Compound Release – red ribbon, Archery 3D Compound Bow – white ribbon).

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Smallbore competition included: front row from left, Kaitlyn Davis, Kataryna Davis, Emily Young; back row from left, Shiane Parish, Warren Hinkle, Kutter Eilenstine, Ian Young. Not pictured: Kit Benne and Colby Satterfield.

Individuals awarded in the Smallbore competition included: Kaitlyn Davis (Senior Open Sights – 5th place); Kataryna Davis (Junior Open Sights – 9th place); Emily Young (Intermediate Open Sights – first year participant); Shiane Parish (Intermediate Open Sights – 4th place); Warren Hinkle (Intermediate Open Sights – 7th place); Kutter Eilenstine (Intermediate Open Sights – red ribbon); Ian Young (Senior Archery – first year participant).

Shiane Parish, Warren Hinkle and Kutter Eilenstine received awards for the second place finish of the Intermediate Open Sights team.

The Junior Open Sights team finished in fourth place; awarded were shooters Kataryna Davis, Kit Benne and Colby Satterfield.

This 4-H group also has their fourth shooter in five years, Brighton Hutson, make the state team in shotgun. He will compete at Nationals in Nebraska in June.

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