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Get what you need Right Away

Photo by Christy Porter
Personal, friendly service is what Manager Linda Blue (left) and Owner Kassi Ramsey (right) give, along with Right Away Rent-To-Own’s many furniture and appliance choices.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

“We are a furniture store that also carries appliances, electronics and home décor,” says Kassi Ramsey of her business, Right Away Rent-to-Own. Centrally located in Licking, Right Away Rent-to-Own is convenient and carries many items necessary to set up housekeeping or to replace outdated or non-functioning furniture and appliances. Local residents can shop locally and get personalized service that’s not always available at the bigger box stores.

“I went to college after high school and received a Masters in Health Promotions and Wellness Management, and was working in a promising career. Then my grandfather had a stroke and my mother got cancer. I came home to help with caretaking. Unfortunately health fitness was not really feasible in this area, so I decided if I couldn’t do want I wanted to do; I still wanted to do something that would help others. After researching the rental business, I discovered I could support myself and still help those who were able to rent necessary items for their home, but couldn’t make a singular purchase,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey opened Right Away Rent-To-Own on July 7, 2007, (7-7-07) in the MFA building, where The Annex is currently located. Opening with her pocket money, as a 28-year-old single person, she bought and resold used furniture and appliances. As the sole entrepreneur and proprietor, she took out no loans and continued to rent her store space for two years. During that time she made vendor contacts and initiated the rent-to-own aspect of her business.

Business continued to grow and she purchased the lot at the corner of Main Street and Hwy. 137. She then contracted Jimmie Swindell to build the facility where the business is now located. Ramsey moved to her new location in August 2009 and recalls, “This new space was huge, and I didn’t know how I was ever going to fill it. It was full within six months and I needed more space.” She since has added additional outside storage facilities. She also has much needed personable assistance with the day-to-day business in Manager Linda Blue.

Right Away Rent-to-Own has also become a central location to participate as a convenient drop off and pick up for other activities of community support. The not-for-profit organization, G-Ma Pam’s Rack Pack, honoring her mother, helps support local citizens with necessary expenditures that occur while they are battling cancer, such as gas and hotel money.

While Ramsey had no intention or inclination that she would be in the furniture and appliance business, she does indeed still help others as a businesswoman and a caring member of the community. “We are a furniture and appliance store with a rent-to-own option. What that really means is our cash prices are competitive with other furniture and appliance retailers. The cash prices stay competitive with the 90-day same as cash, no hidden fees or add-ons. The rent-to-own option, while slightly higher due to the payment plan, also remains competitive, unlike some rent-to-own retailers,” says Ramsey. Please remember that while the rent-to-own option allows flexibility to work with customers and special circumstances, the items purchased with this option are an expense already incurred by the business, and promptness of payment in agreed upon terms is essential for the business to operate smoothly.

Right Away Rent-to-Own is located at 101 South Main St., at the corner of Hwy. 32 East and Main St., and they are open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Ramsey or Blue can be reached at 573-674-4779.

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