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2021 All-Frisco League Basketball Teams


Player of the Year: Katelyn Cole, Richland

Miranda Moss, Richland

Claire Affolter, Newburg

Megan Becker, Crocker

Paige Spencer, Iberia

Anna Sullins, Licking

Cara Couch, Plato

Abbie Sullins, Licking

Skyeler Layman, Crocker

Kylie Taylor, Licking

Kelsey Todd, Plato

Laney Halley, Iberia

Honorable mention:

Resa Martin, Dixon

Briar Sayer, Laquey

Kaillyn Stradt, Stoutland

Belle Harley, Richland


MVP: Wilson Murray, Licking

Jake Whittle, Iberia

CJ Thiltgen, Dixon

Veston Fearon. Richland

Hunter Mentola, Newburg

Gabe Plemmons, Iberia

Jason Young, Laquey

Will Shelton, Dixon

Jared Lott, Newburg

Daveton Fearon, Richland

Koby Halley, Iberia

Payton Harrison, Crocker

Honorable Mention:

Clayton Sinden, Dixon

Gabe McClure, Plato

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