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Texas County 4-H Shooting Sports Safety Class

Univ. of Mo. Ext.

Texas County 4-H shooting sports is planning their upcoming season. Youth can enroll in Shooting Sports Safety as a stand-alone project, or must complete the safety class as a pre-requisite to participate in any other shooting sports disciplines. The class will be held online and is a requirement for youth that participate in other shooting sports project areas. The class will be held on the online platform Canvas for those that have enrolled in 4HOnline.

To register, go to and enroll as a member, then enroll in the event listed “4-H Goes Online- It’s Project Time!” and complete the safety class as prompted.

4-H Shooting Sports is a youth development educational program. It uses the skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people and their leaders in obtaining knowledge and developing skills. Development of skills within the discipline of shooting and “life skills” is implicit in the program curriculum and explicitly stated for volunteers. 4-H Shooting Sports promotes positive youth-adult interaction and peer leadership.

The focus of the Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports program is the total development of the young person. The shooting sports and related natural resource activities are utilized as a vehicle for human growth and development. The Shooting Sports program attracts new audiences as well as enhances the traditional 4-H club program.

As with all Missouri 4-H projects, Shooting Sports is open to any youth from ages of 8 through 18. Project choices for youth include:

  • 740. Shooting Sports Safety – (can be taken as a standalone project, and is a pre-requisite to all other shooting sports disciplines listed below)
  • 741. Archery
  • 742. Air Rifle/BB Gun
  • 743. Small Bore Rifle – .22 caliber
  • 744. Air Pistol
  • 745. Shotgun (11 years of age and older)
  • 747. Small Bore Pistol (14 and older)
  • 748. Muzzle Loading (11 years of age and older)
  • 749. Hunting & Outdoor Skills

Completion of the Safety Class for those that want to participate in any other shooting sports discipline for the upcoming season must be completed by March 31. First practice will be at Big Piney Sportsman’s Club April 6. Regular practice will start April 12 and April 13. For more information on how to enroll or with registration questions, contact Janice Weddle, County Engagement Specialist in Youth Development, at the University of Missouri Wright County Extension office at (417) 349-4134 or via email at

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