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CM Desserts: Catering specialty cupcakes

Photo by Christy Porter
Christine Mills from CM Desserts showcases specialty baked cupcakes and cookies.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

 CM Desserts, a relatively new catering business in Raymondville, offers specialty-baked goods for special life or vendor events. “Specialty cupcakes are my favorite,” says Christine Mills, owner/entrepreneur and the baker of the business.

Offering cookies, cupcakes (her favorite), pies, numerous types of desserts, and the willingness to experiment and do new items, one must only offer suggestions on special orders or themes for the event and Mills will do her best to comply. Personal service is important, as is making each dessert as homemade from scratch as possible, including the fillings, when used.

Ironically, Mills loves to bake the sweet desserts, but does not prefer sweets. She has willing taste testers in her husband, five children and the neighbor. Her preference for fruity tastes inspired a Pina Colada dessert; the alcohol bakes out, leaving only the flavor.

She asserts that it’s likely any dessert, banana split, cheesecake, etc. can be made into a cupcake or cookie. A well-received Bacon Bourbon Chocolate Chip cookie, using real bacon, is testament to her experimentation. She has also made the delicious taste of German chocolate cake into pies, cookies and cupcakes.

“I love to bake!” asserts Mills. Helping family and friends with their dessert needs was the initiative for the business; she then took the plunge and started CM Desserts.

While Mills’ baked goods have been offered for about six years, the business was located in Virginia and Wisconsin for approximately four of those years. A transfer with her husband’s employment prompted the move to Raymondville and she continues the home-based business locally. Mills was a 911 Dispatcher prior to entering the bakery business.

Mills requests one to two weeks advance notice when ordering her baked treats, but is flexible when “life happens.” To order, call 573-854-2173, email to or visit her on Facebook at

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