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Combining socializing and volunteering

Photo by Christy Porter
Lillian Maxey utilizes her experience and her enjoyment of people as a volunteer at the Licking Senior Center.


By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

We continue our recognition of local volunteers in honor of National Volunteer Month. Director Cindy Wampner of the Licking Senior Center has been recognizing her volunteers for the past four weeks in the Senior Center Happenings column. She nominated Lillian Maxey for us to visit with.

“Lillian is our treasurer, and very smart about financial issues; she is also computer savvy, a very smart person that I know I can go to when I need help. While trying to fill in for her while she was in the hospital, I discovered that her job was overwhelming. We’re so appreciative of all she does for us,” said Wampner.

We oftentimes think of volunteer work as, but not inclusive of, food distribution or preparation, hands on interaction with repairs, supplying needed products and visiting with those who are confined for various reasons. Indeed these are all important and critical aspects of charity. Sometimes however, we find that our life skills, education or employment experience can fill a vital need for non-profit organizations. Such it is with Lillian Maxey.

Maxey, originally from St. Louis and her husband, Eugene, a Licking High School alumnus, whose careers were in St. Louis, moved to Licking from St. Louis in 2005 when Eugene retired. She continued to work remotely.

The couple became members of the Licking Senior Center when the new building was in progress. The accounting requirements and accountability to the state increased when the facility broke away from the state in Jan. 2015. There was a need by Wampner and the board for assistance with these functions.

Lillian Maxey has had three careers in her lifetime: teaching for 15-years – she loved the kids; administrative responsibilities in a retirement home – she loved the elderly; and the last 30-years as an internal auditor at a software manufacturing company in St. Louis. She shared that all three careers included accounting to various degrees, with the auditing position being the most accounting intensive. Where they attended church in St. Louis, she volunteered help with their accounting for 40-years.

“All my life I’ve been in accounting, and I love it! I have had a wonderful life and have loved everything I ever did,” said Maxey.

Maxey initially enjoyed the socialization at the Licking Senior Center and then saw the need for help with the accounting and accountability functions. She had the experience, and as she was working her full-time job from home, she took on the volunteering, which initially was also full-time. She offers that it still could be a full-time opportunity.

The senior center is comprised of two entities, the center itself, providing food and activities, and Texas County Transportation. Both entities have accounting and documentation that must be completed, such as MoDOT and other state accountability functions. Maxey keeps current with forms and auditor requirements, ensures that regulations are adhered to and maintains record keeping.

Maxey also has her hobbies, one of which is quilting. She has made quilts for all her treasured family members. The Maxeys have one son who lives in Washington, Mo., and one daughter who resides in St. Louis. Family get-togethers are easier in that their children, two grandsons and one great-granddaughter reside in Missouri, with the exception of one granddaughter and three great-grandchildren who live in Chicago, Ill.

“I love the association with the people and the volunteering work, which started with the computer help. I love the mix,” summarizes Maxey.

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