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“A Love Like That”

Photo by Christy Porter
Outreach Coordinators Delanie Rinne (left) and Larissa Satterfield (right) thanked Ladies Night Out speaker JoAnna Nichols (center) for her heartfelt presentation Friday evening.


By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

An inter-denominational community Ladies Night Out was enjoyed by approximately 160 ladies on Friday evening. The event was hosted by the Assembly of God Women’s Ministry at the Licking Assembly of God.

The evening began with an inviting and delicious tea party served by 33 volunteer women, who also assisted with the organization, decoration and presentation of the program. The menu included assorted teas, coffee and over 1000 individual desserts of truffles, cheesecake shooters, thumbprint cookies, mini pies, scones, chocolate covered strawberries and gluten free delicacies. A photo booth was also available.

When directed to the fellowship hall each attendee received a wrapped gift placed on their chair, with many more additional prizes given throughout the course of the evening by drawings from the tickets collected upon entry.

The comradery and welcoming dialogue between Outreach Coordinators Larissa Satterfield and Delanie Rinne was open and engaging, setting the course for an enjoyable evening.

Interspersed with prize drawings fun Ice Breaker games were played by willing participants. How could it not be fun, and funny, to eat a face-placed Oreo with no hands – it created some rather unique movements; or to draw a Lipstick Selfie with, yes, a tube of lipstick and no hands; do a Balloon Balance, using only one hand to keep two balloons airborne – plenty of elbow room was allowed; and the M & M game, played by moving 25 M&Ms into a cup using only a straw. There was a winner in each competition, although everyone was a winner due to the laughter generated.

BettyJo Roberts and Brianna Malikowski followed with beautiful music selections.

The evenings featured speaker was JoAnna Nichols, who shared her story due to a nudge from Christ. Using her personal experiences from a different type of worldwide pandemic, she promised hope from “A Love Like That” that guided her life in a new direction. By taking a step of faith, she overcame a fear all too common of, “if they know me, they won’t feel I’m qualified.” She reiterated that our past does not disqualify us from our future. Nichols is an Assembly of God missionary on furlough due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She plans to return to Thailand in July.

The Assembly of God Praise Team concluded the program with music, song and an invitation to personally meet with Jesus.

“We hope to continue the Ladies Night Out event twice a year, in the spring and fall; we want to be engaged and involved in the community,” said Satterfield. “Our volunteer-based ministry is focused on a quality, God-inspired program using our resources, time and talent, yet always being sensitive to the availability of our volunteers. Regardless of what our plans are, God always directs the program and the attendance to His Glory.”




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