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Licking – blessed by volunteers

Photo by Shari Harris
The Senior Center celebrated its volunteers on Friday with cake, punch and laughter.

Volunteer: Noun – a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertakes a task, a person who works for an organization without being paid. Verb – freely offers to do something, offers one’s services.

We have proudly recognized just a few of our community’s volunteers during the National Volunteer Month of April. We wish to thank them and the many, many more with whom the Licking community is abundantly blessed. Our volunteers continually display their concern for others and their community with their time, their talent and their treasure. It is seen at an individual level to a far-reaching scope on a daily basis.

We see it in our non-profit organizations, in our church communities and outreach programs, local businesses and among our neighbors. They take the time to offer companionship, organize food distributions, collect clothes, sponsor walk-a-thons, cook and/or serve food, donate quilts and other items; the list goes on.

Volunteers encompass all age groups; our youth and students participate, our elderly participate, individuals and families participate. They participate in different ways at different times of life, giving what they can when they can.

The Licking News commends you and thanks you; we, as well, thank you for allowing us to share some of your many stories. All volunteers with whom we have visited are humble, caring people who have only the desire to help, whether it be by companionship with others, which has been so important the past year, to fulfilling specific needs. The COVID-19 pandemic also displayed how resourceful our volunteers can be when contributing. These acts of charity (love) are not just done in April, National Volunteer Month, but throughout the year, every year.

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