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Take a Book, Share a Book

Photo by Christy Porter
Jordan Pounds (left) and Becky Lewis (right) are excited to share the new Take a Book, Share a Book free library with the local community.


By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

As a new community service there is now a Take a Book, Share a Book Free Library in front of Little Blossoms Day Care. Jordan Pounds, owner of Little Blossoms Day Care, initiated the Take a Book, Share a Book library after seeing one in another town. She was excited to share her love for books with the community using the available space in front of her location. The library box is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The library is housed in a stand alone box built by Gerald Jennings of Country Crafts & Flea Market, and is decorated with artwork done by the children of Little Blossoms Day Care. Many of the books currently in stock, both children and adult selections, were donated by a local tutoring service. Morally appropriate book donations may be dropped off at Little Blossoms Day Care. For more information call 417-217-2145.

The concept for Take a Book, Share a Book is easy:

  • If you see a book you like, take it!
  • After you have enjoyed it, bring it back, keep it, or pass it to a friend!
  • If you have a book you would like to share, leave it for others to enjoy!

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