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Memorial monument care

Photo by Christy Porter

As we honor our military veterans, many chose to also place flowers at the memorial monuments of their loved ones.

Sarah Anson, owner and manager of Phelps County Monument Company in Rolla shared some useful tips for care of the stones.

Never place anything that could rust on the stone; this includes metal, such as coins, or wire saddles that do not have protective sleeves or coating.

Do not plant live bushes or flowers near the stone. The roots can cause the stone to become unleveled or actually break loose and fall.

When cleaning a stone never use a stiff wire brush; instead use a nylon or plastic stiff brush. A plastic ice scraper may be used to clean natural lichen or fungus growth from the stone. Anson recommends using a cleaner such as Mean Green to clean the stone. Mixed with water in a spray bottle, it will clean and whiten without causing damage. While it does contain some bleach, there is not enough to damage the stone. After cleaning the stone, rinse with plain water.

Larry Anson, Owner, Phelps County Monument Company, has 41-years experience as a master carver and designer; the Ansons service Phelps and surrounding counties.

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