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Wrap up July with the Texas County Fair

Texas County Fair

July is here and fair time is around the corner, July 27-31 this year. Wanting to increase things on display, we decided to put out some information out about our Horticulture, Flowers and Fields Crops, along with Home Economics. These are assorted things, items, articles, flowers that are displayed in our Home Economics Building.

As you walk in the gate by the animal barns, it will be the first building on your left. Like all fair items/animals/entries there are some rules that have to be met, but basically anything that is of fair quality, made from July 1 of the previous year to check-in day (July 27) of this year can be exhibited. It is open to all ages, with the Youth being those 21-years and under and the Open for those over 21-years.

Items should be turned in Tuesday, July 27, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and must be picked up Friday, July 30, 5-6 p.m. Only two entries per class. You will need to complete documentation of your submission when you arrive. Wednesday, doors will be locked until judging is complete, then they will be open for viewing. The Texas County Bicentennial Quilt will be on display.

Any item that is made, grown, painted, colored, photos, cooked, canned, baked or educational can be brought in. Some ideas: fruits, vegetables, herbs, a collection, eggs, seed, cake, candy, bread, cookies, preserves, butter, jam, jellies, canned fruits and vegetables, pickles, relishes, textiles, clothing, home furnishings, outdoor sports, photography, woodworking, youth educational and crafts. We encourage flowers, so we have made a basic idea list for that. Products need to be grown or made by exhibitors.

Clothing and textile articles need to be covered in plastic or plastic bag.

All foods need to be placed on paper plates or cardboard mats and covered with plastic wrap or plastic bags except for vegetables or fruit.

Fruit and vegetables need to be uniform in size and there needs to be three if large or five if small.

Photography has to be 5×7 or larger and old photos have to be at least 10-years-old.

On the flower side, we will have four classes and five arrangements. These are:

  1. Single stem bloom-1 bloom and leaves on 1 stem, example-a rose.
  2. Multiple blooms-multiple blooms and leaves on 1 stem, example-a daisy.
  3. House plant, example-an African Violet, Wandering Jew, Ivy, Peace Lily.
  4. Succulent-Cactus, A. Single, B. Garden.

Arrangements Themes, design is not to be over 24-inches wide and 24-inches tall. The five themes are:

  1. Summerly Dream-mix of summer flowers with leaves, example-bouquet of flowers.
  2. Red, White, Blue-use of flowers with these colors.
  3. Open Choice-your choice.
  4. Solid-all flowers are one color, example-white, blue, purple, yellow.
  5. Permanent Botanical (silk flowers)-any design of choice.

Any questions, contact Betty Baney at 417-926-8035; leave a clear message and identify yourself. We sure would like to see you all with your ideas and/or flowers.

Livestock check-in for Dairy Cows, Dairy Goats, Rabbits and Poultry is Tuesday, July 27. The first show is the Rabbits at 3 p.m. Tuesday. Wednesday, Sheep, Swine, Meat Goats, Beef Cattle, along with market animals and replacement heifers will arrive.

A highlight for the Sheep/Goat exhibitors is the Sheep/Goat Fashion Show. If you’ve never seen this, it’s a great thing to see and lots of fun. Remember if you want to see lots of animals in the barns, you need to come early; the breeding stock is allowed to leave after their show. Some will stay all week, but many will go home, leaving mostly the market animals and replacement heifers for the 2 p.m. sale on Saturday, July 31. This year the Texas County Cattlemen Association, Texas County Farm Bureau, and Texas County Extension are hosting an Appreciation Event starting at 11 a.m., July 31.

There are Home Economics/Flower and Fair Schedule flyers at most feed stores in local towns, also, in several of the banks/businesses with bulletins boards.

Hope to see you there. Come see the exhibits of animals and other items, learn new things and talk to exhibitors. Thanks to all of our buyers, sponsors, supporters, judges, newspapers, feed stores, veterinarians, communities, parents, exhibitors and volunteers for all you do to help with the fair and sale. We really appreciate it.

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