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Lick Mo’ Ice Cream Bicentennial Celebration


By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

A statewide celebration will take place on August 10 in honor of Missouri’s 200th anniversary of statehood, August 10, 1821 – August 10, 2021. Licking will be participating with a Lick Mo Ice Cream Social from 5 – 7 p.m. at the historic Licking Mill. The community is encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and attend this free event, sponsored by Licking Downtown, Inc.

Homemade vanilla ice cream with an assortment of toppings will be served in cones or cups. Participants will enjoy a celebration cake generously provided by Town & Country Supermarket, and attendees singing karaoke will be providing the entertainment.

Historically ice cream, due to its expense, was served only at the king’s table, in the 1600s.

This wonderful delicacy then “dripped” down over time from the royal to the upper class’s table (mid to late 1700s – early 1800s), both in Europe and in America.

Eventually, ice cream became more available to the public, and in the 1800s was enjoyed by many; eventually ice cream socials no longer showed partiality or class discrimination.

The traditional gathering of an ice cream social, due to the popularity and availability, focused on ice cream and fellowship, with many organizations, schools and churches hosting them. The ice cream social gatherings would oftentimes also include cake and entertainment, and sometimes have a theme or be a fundraising event.

At today’s ice cream socials, the homemade ice cream is much easier to make and the varieties are many, both in flavors and toppings.

Be sure and attend this timeless tradition on Tuesday evening in celebration of Missouri!

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