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State Symbols of Missouri

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Missouri State Flag

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Missouri State Seal


The State American Folk Dance is the square dance.

The State Animal is the Missouri mule.

The State Bird is the native bluebird,

considered a symbol of happiness.

The State Floral Emblem is the

white hawthorn blossom.

The State Fossil is the crinoid,

a mineralization of the animal “sea lily.”

The State Insect is the honeybee.

The State Mineral is galena,

a major source of lead ore.

The State Musical Instrument is the fiddle.

The State Rock is the Mozarkite.

The State Capitol is on the bluffs of the

Missouri River in Jefferson City.

The State Tree is the flowering dogwood.

The State Tree Nut is the eastern black walnut.

The State Aquatic Animal is the paddlefish.

The State Fish is the channel catfish.

The State Song is the Missouri Waltz.

The State Horse is the Missouri Fox Trotter.

The State Grape is the Norton/Cynthiana grape.

The State Dinosaur is the Hypsibema missouriense, also called a Hadrosaur or “duck billed” dinosaur.

The State Amphibian is the American Bullfrog.

The State Game Bird is the bobwhite quail,

also known as the northern bobwhite.

The State Grass is the Big Bluestem.

The State Invertebrate is the crayfish;

also known as the crawfish or crawdad.

The State Reptile is the three-toed box turtle.

The State Dessert is the ice cream cone.

The State Exercise is the jumping jack.

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