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Sonshine & Rainbows visited by LRVFD

Photo by Christy Porter
Licking firefighters and Sonshine and Rainbows Day School students and staff enjoyed the morning learning about firefighting equipment and how to stay safe in the event of a fire.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Students at Sonshine and Rainbows Day School had an exciting learning experience on Tuesday, September 28, when the Licking Rural Volunteer Fire Department came to visit. Arrival at the planned visit with the students ran a little late as the fire department had received an earlier call, and had gone to successfully extinguish a car fire, said Fire Chief Jimmy Sherrill.

Photos by Christy Porter

Maintaining their quick pace, Sherrill and firefighters David and Larry Potts stepped right up and began asking the children what they would do in case of a fire. They then shared very important information about what they should do. When at home: Go outside to a designated spot and stay put. NEVER GO BACK INSIDE!

“Let us do that!” said the firefighters.

Photos by Christy Porter

They opened the truck and compartments so the students could see the different aspects that help the firefighters put out fires and help with other emergency situations. The lights fascinated them and the sirens scared some, but all seemed to enjoy the morning visit.

Photos by Christy Porter

The firefighters also got the personal protective equipment (PPE) out and donned it to show the students what they looked like while wearing it.

The firemen’s hats and coats are heavy, the kids discovered as they got to see them up close and hold them.

“A firefighter’s full gear when battling a blaze weighs 75 – 100 pounds, so they must have strong backs,” shared Sherrill.

Photos by Christy Porter

Before leaving the scene, Sherrill and the Potts handed out fun and informative reminders and information to the children, including a Junior Firefighter hat.

Director Jim Bobo wishes to express “our deep heart-felt appreciation to the fire department for coming and visiting with the kids. We are grateful that they and the Licking Police Department encourage the children to look at emergency personnel as a source of help and not persons to be feared.”

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