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Health Fair is scheduled for Nov. 2 at TCMH

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HOUSTON, Mo. – Texas County Memorial Hospital is hosting a community health fair on Tuesday, November 2, from 7 am to 9 am, in the Jayson Gentry Community Safe Room on the TCMH campus.

This health fair will be a great opportunity for a comprehensive check of your health in a convenient setting. TCMH will be offering low-cost blood screenings to include CBC (complete blood count), CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), LIPID panel, A1C (diabetes) for $35, TSH (thyroid) for $15, PSA (prostrate – males only) for $15, Vitamin D for $30, and Covid Antibody for $30.

For those who wish to take advantage of the blood screenings, be sure to drink plenty of water before you arrive at the fair, continue taking prescribed medications, and fasting is recommended for 12 hours prior (except for diabetics), however it is not mandatory.

“Since we are offering these screenings at such a low cost, they will not be processed through insurance,” Evania Ryan, director of lab, said. “Payment by credit card, cash or check will be expected on the day of the fair.”

“Results will be mailed along with a guide on how to interpret the results within a week,” Ryan said. “If the results show any critical numbers, we will try to call and advise the patient to see their doctor.”

In addition to the blood screenings, we will be offering free blood pressure and pulse checks, BMI, bone density and pulmonary function screenings. Texas County Health Department will be on site to offer flu shots for a $15 donation along with free Deterra medication disposal pouches.

Additional education and information by our TCMH staff and other community members will be available. Nicole Hancock, TCMH dietician, will offer a nutrition clinic; Mandy Pender, ER director, will provide stroke education; Lauren Toman, respiratory director, will share information about STEMI; and TCMH Hutcheson pharmacy and PRC of South-Central Missouri will be on site as well.

“We are excited to offer these low-cost and free screenings to our community,” Chris Strickland, TCMH CEO, stated. “This allows patients to gain access to a portion of healthcare that they may forego otherwise.”

“This event will allow us to connect with the community in a way that we may not get to otherwise,” Strickland said. “We are hoping for a great time to get together, meet people and let them know we are here for them.”

Finally, we will have door prize drawings, so you won’t want to miss this great event!

For further information about the health fair contact, Helania Wulff, director of public relations at TCMH, 417-967-1258. For lab specific questions, contact, Evania Ryan at 417-967-1232.

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