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Licking JH Girls Basketball season

Both the 7th and 8th grade Junior High Lady ‘Cats had solid seasons. The 7th Grade team finished with 6 wins and 7 losses. The 8th Grade team had 6 wins and 8 losses.

Season highlights included the 8th Grade Lady ‘Cats winning the 2021 Mountain Grove Junior High Tournament Consolation Trophy, going 3-1 in a stretch of four consecutive days of ball.

The 7th Grade did not win a trophy but were able to avenge a loss to Willow Springs from the tournament by beating them in their last contest of the season at home.

This year’s 7th grade team consisted of: Ellie Ullom (35), Tatum Burgdorf (34), Avery Stephens (30), Kylee Rinne (12), Morgan Stone (40), Ella Bonine (3), Ashley Puhrmann (42), Chloie Barnes (2), Taylor Hicks (21), Keely Gorman (1) and Jayde Thompson (10). This year’s 8th grade team consisted of Addison Floyd (33), Aleksey Cook (14), Mya Rinne (15), Evy Phillips (2), Mylie Peterson (32), Sadie Hutsell (4) and Katelyn Mitchell (13). Their coaches were Jimmie Stephens and Patty Roberts.

“I was very proud of both groups; they did a great job of representing our school and community. It will be exciting to see the 8th Graders move on to their high school careers and to see the improvement made by the 7th Graders for next season.

“I appreciate the players’ effort coming to practice ready to improve and learn every day. Both groups did a fantastic job of maintaining strong grades with a busy game and practice schedule. It was a pleasure to coach this group of future Lady ‘Cats. I want to thank their parents, the school, and our community for supporting them all season.” – Coach Jimmie Stephens

Seventh grade started their season with a 12-30 loss to Cuba on October 28. Barnes and Burgdorf scored 4 points, Gorman 3 and Stone 1.

On November 2, they defeated Salem 13-6 in a half game. Stone scored 8 points, Barnes and Stephens 2 each, and Gorman 1.

A loss against Steelville on November 4, 14-29, resulted in 5 points from Gorman, 3 points from Stone, and 2 points each from Barnes, Thompson and Burgdorf.

The following day, they scored a win over Green Forest, 19-4. Gorman scored 6 points, Stephens 5, Hicks 4, and Thompson and Stone 2 points each.

A first round loss to West Plains, 8-10, in the Mountain Grove Tournament on November 8 resulted in 4 points for Stephens and 2 each for Ullom and Puhrmann.

In the second round on November 9, the 7th grade team defeated Ava, 22-14, with 8 points each for Gorman and Ullom, 4 for Stephens and 2 for Stone.

On November 11, they lost to Willow Springs 7-13, with Gorman scoring 3 points and Stephens and Stone adding 2 each.

A win over Mountain View, 18-16, on November 16 saw Ullom lead scoring with 6, Gorman and Burgdorf each added 4, and Stephens and Stone had 2 each.

A half game win over Houston on November 29 had Gorman scoring 6 points, and Stephens and Stone 2 each.

The first of three consecutive losses was against Waynesville on December 7. Gorman shone with 16 points, Rinne had 4 and Stephens and Barnes added 2 each in the 24-37 loss.

On December 10, Ava dealt the seventh graders a 20-23 loss, with Gorman and Stephens scoring 6 each, Stone 4, Rinne 3 and Thompson 1 point.

The final loss to Rolla, 19-44, was on December 14, and Gorman and Barnes each scored 6 points, Stone 4, Ullom 2 and Rinne 1 point.

The seventh grade team ended their season with a win over Willow Springs on December 16. Stone led scoring with 11 points, Rinne had 5 and Ullom 2.

The eighth grade team started their season with a 21-30 loss to Cuba on October 28. Floyd led scoring with 12 points, Peterson had 6 and Rinne added 3.

A 41-8 win over Salem on November 2 saw two scoring in double figures, with 20 for Floyd and 16 for Peterson. Cook and Rinne added 2 each and Phillips had 1.

In a 17-29 loss to Steelville on November 4, Peterson and Floyd each scored 7, Phillips had 2 and Cook 1.

The following day, the eighth graders won over Green Forest 43-8, with Peterson scoring 15, Floyd 10, Rinne 6, Cook 5, Hutsell 3, and Phillips and Mitchell each scoring 2.

In the Mountain Grove Tournament, the team started with a 23-22 win over Cabool on November 8. Peterson led scorers with 12, Floyd had 8 and Rinne 3.

A loss to West Plains, 7-37, in round two moved them to the losers bracket on November 9. Cook scored 4, Peterson 2 and Phillips 1.

An 18-15 win over Cabool on November 10 moved them to the consolation game. Floyd led with 7, Phillips scored 4, Cook 3, and Rinne and Peterson each had 2 points.

The girls secured the consolation trophy with a 16-12 win over Houston on November 11, with Floyd scoring 9, Peterson 5 and Rinne 2.

On November 16, a 30-35 loss to Mtn. View saw Peterson score 12, Floyd 10, Phillips 6 and Mitchell 2.

An 18-21 loss to Houston on November 29 resulted in 7 points from Floyd, 6 from Peterson, 4 from Rinne and 1 from Hutsell.

Waynesville dealt them another loss on December 7, with Floyd finding the basket for 18 points, Peterson scored 4, and Cook and Mitchell each had 2.

The girls pulled out a win over Ava, 24-22, on December 10. Floyd and Peterson led scoring with 8 each, Rinne added 6 and Cook 2.

A 24-35 loss to Rolla on December 14 saw Rinne and Peterson scoring 7 each, with Cook and Floyd having 4 each and Mitchell adding 2 points.

The final game of the season ended in a loss to Willow Springs, 21-35, with 8 points for Peterson, 6 for Floyd, 2 points each for Mitchell, Cook and Phillips, and 1 point for Rinne.

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