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Licking FBLA District Conference

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Proudly displaying their medals, from left, are Krysta Joyner, Cadrian Hutsell, Ryleigh Barton, Emma Taber, Kindal Sevedge, Jed Norris, Cyrus Chalmers, Korina Swaringim, Alex Buckner, Trevor Richards, Nissa Buchanan, Dawson Havens, Autumn Grover, Brodie Williams and Alex Sprouse.

By Stacie Hutsell

On Friday, February 11, FBLA Members attended the in-person District 14 Conference at MSU-WP. After a day of events, workshops, performances, lunch, and some switching of students with The Cat’s Meow, we attended the Awards Ceremony. Thirty…thirty medals earned! Thirty total medals from online testing in January and team and individual performances on Friday.

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From left, front: Cadrian Hutsell and Korina Swaringim; second row: Nissa Buchanan and Krysta Joyner; third row: Trevor Richards, Brodie Williams and Keyton Rinne; fourth row: Dawson Havens and Alex Buckner; top row: Kindal Sevedge and Ryan Bever.

It seems each year has its challenges, and this year presented its own, but we have some pretty awesome tech kids who are resilient and committed! Our District 14 Conference was in person this year after the virtual break, and the State Conference plans to be as well, for the first time since 2019. State Leadership Conference will be held April 10-12 in Springfield. We have at least 19 students in 27 tests and one performance advancing to State Competition in April!

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From left, seated are Krysta Joyner, Korina Swaringim and Nissa Buchanan; standing: Brodie Williams, Dawson Havens, Trevor Richards, Alex Buckner, Kindal Sevedge, Ryan Bever, Cade Richards, Keyton Rinne and Nicky Hood.

Those advancing to State Level Competition as we know now are:

Alex Sprouse – 2nd in Intro to Information Technology, 3rd in Computer Problem Solving, 4th in UX Design (must forfeit one event as only two events are eligible for State entry);

Cadrian Hutsell – 2nd in Advertising, 4th in Economics, 5th in Business Communications (must forfeit one event as only two events are eligible for State entry);

Dawson Havens – 1st in Intro to Information Technology, 3rd in Networking Infrastructures;

Landen Hock – 1st in Accounting I, 5th in Business Calculations;

Autumn Grover – 1st in Human Resource Management, 5th in Personal Finance;

Jed Norris – 4th in Networking Infrastructures, 4th in Supply Chain Management;

Nissa Buchanan – 1st in Health Care Administration;

Trevor Richards – 1st in Networking Infrastructures;

Nicky Hood – 1st in Social Media Strategies;

Ryleigh Barton – 3rd in Accounting I;

Alex Buckner – 3rd in Database Design and Applications;

Krysta Joyner – 3rd in Health Care Administration;

Tim Norris – 3rd in Intro to Information Technology;

Kindal Sevedge – 4th in Agribusiness;

Cliff Hawn – 4th in Business Law;

Korina Swaringim – 5th in Human Resource Management;

Brodie Williams – 5th in Supply Chain Management;

Emma Taber – 5th in UX Design; and

Parliamentary Procedures Team (Ryan Bever, Nissa Buchanan, and Kindal Sevedge) – 2nd. (Cliff Hawn tested but did not perform on Friday. As of now, the team will not advance to State.)

Other additions to qualifiers were added in the weeks before registration, to include Trevor Richards, Intro to Information Technology; Levi Venker, Networking Infrastructures; Emma Taber, Accounting I; Cyrus Chalmers, Political Science; and the Parliamentary Procedures Team as Wildcard State entries.

Additional competitors placed in the Top 10 in their respective events:

Krysta Joyner – 6th in Securities and Investments, 7th in Insurance and Risk Management;

Trevor Richards – 6th in Computer Problem Solving, 8th in Intro to Information Technology;

Tim Norris – 7th in Intro to Financial Math, 8th in Cyber Security;

Korina Swaringim – 7th in Health Care Administration, 8th in Organizational Leadership;

Cade Richards – 8th in Business Law, 8th in Political Science;

Cliff Hawn – 6th in Agribusiness;

Autumn Grover – 6th in Word Processing;

Landen Hock – 7th in Computer Problem Solving;

Emma Taber – 7th in Accounting I;

Ryan Bever – 7th in Human Resource Management;

Levi Venker – 7th in Networking Infrastructures;

Cyrus Chalmers – 7th in Political Science;

Jed Norris – 9th in Computer Problem Solving;

Keyton Rinne – 9th in Health Care Administration;

Alex Buckner – 10th in Business Law;

Nicky Hood – 10th in Economics,

Sports and Entertainment Management Team (Nicky Hood, Cade Richards, and Keyton Rinne) – 6th.

Congratulations Future Business Leaders!! Your hard work and commitment is noticed and appreciated! Success starts here, with you! Please congratulate these students on their commitment and accomplishments!

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