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The Flaky Crust: A work of their hands

Photo by Delta Hernandez
Brittany Tune, right, delivers slices of pie to Cathy Wallace.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.” (Psalm 90:17, NKJ)

For years, Delta Hernandez, a rural route mail carrier for the Licking Post Office, has been encouraged by Postmaster Melissa Beasley to sell her homemade pies. On March 1, Hernandez and her family joined together to open The Flaky Crust, a home-based bakery in Licking.

The menu is based on favorite holiday choices of the younger generation, and some recipes have been carried down for two or more generations before Hernandez. Their made-fresh selections have truly been time-tested.

Hernandez recalls being taught to make pies by her grandmother, Cledis Satterfield. A year before her grandmother passed away, Hernandez carefully measured and wrote out recipes based on her grandmother’s unscripted approach to pie-making. She is in charge of making most of the pies for the business, including apple, reduced-sugar apple, coconut cream, chocolate, cherry, lemon meringue, buttermilk, pecan and walnut. She also makes 9” x 13” pot pies, in chicken, beef or turkey.

Crystal Ritz, Hernandez’s mother, makes cakes and cobblers, including angel food cake, crack cake, Dr. Pepper cake, chocolate cobbler and peach cobbler. Her cookies are a favorite of her grandchildren and customers, with chocolate chip and sugar cookies offered. She also has a crustless pumpkin pie that is a family favorite. Other offerings include homemade bread and rolls.

Brittany Tune, Hernandez’s daughter, is in charge of pie bites – apple, cherry or chocolate mini-pies that come on a stick or not, to your preference.

Hernandez’s aunt, Nedra Ritz, makes the breakfast casseroles, previously made for the family by Hernandez’s other grandmother, Marie Ritz.

Sister-in-law Drema Ritz makes dessert bars, including chocolate chip, chocolate chip/peanut butter, and strawberry cheesecake.

Hernandez recognizes and appreciates that food evokes memories for many people. Chocolate and peanut butter were favorites of Hernandez’s father and brother, and preparing pies and treats with these flavors bring back wonderful memories of them.

“We’re making things my dad, brother and the kids enjoy,” explained Hernandez. “It’s something I enjoy doing. It makes me think of my family.”

“It’s really been a blessing for us,” Hernandez said, “to take someone a piece of pie and tell them we’re thinking of them. It makes me happy to see people enjoying our food. I always pray – for their health, that it tastes good, and that it reminds them of their families.”

The family’s faith is strong, and Hernandez relates that they are seeing where God takes them.

“I want everything to glorify God,” she shared. “It’s all in His hands.”

The entire list is available on their Facebook page, @TheFlakyCrustPsalm9017. Don’t miss their special days – Friday Pie Day and Manic Monday Bar Day.

The Flaky Crust receives many orders via Messenger, or through texts or calls to Hernandez, 573-208-0310, or Crystal Ritz, 573-208-0162. Orders need to be placed by noon the preceding day (noon Saturday for Monday orders) as nothing is made until it is ordered. Deliveries can be made in town or customers can pick up their orders.


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