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Easter Bunny returns to Old City Park

Photo by Shari Harris
Children raced to gather eggs at Saturday’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Photo by Shari Harris
Is one in the hand worth one…oops…no longer in the basket? This tot works hard to gather eggs at the egg hunt.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

After a two-year hiatus, the Easter Bunny and volunteer assistants from Hickory Manor resumed the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Licking’s Old City Park Saturday, April 16. It was a good turnout on a sunny but crisp day, and the Easter Bunny and volunteers put smiles on the faces of the children participating.

The hoppity hare posed for pictures with many delighted youngsters prior to and after the egg hunt, to the delight of most children.

Golden eggs were included in the hunt this year, and the lucky finders were able to redeem them for money.

Children remained to add a present from the Licking Chamber of Commerce to their baskets, with tickets drawn to determine the order prizes were selected.

Photos by Shari Harris

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