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Licking nominated for Missouri Humanities Council Small Town Showcase

The Missouri Humanities Council announced on May 1 the list of nominees for the 2023 Small Town Showcase “Featured Five” communities. From now until July 1, they are asking people to vote on who they should feature for their Small Town Showcase.

If you are interested in voting for Licking, you can go to the Missouri Humanities Council Facebook page and follow the link, or go directly to An individual may only vote once, but can vote for up to five communities. Winning communities will be announced by August 1.

More than 40 communities from around the state have been nominated. Licking is one of several area communities on the list, including Willow Springs, Seymour, St. James, Waynesville, and Steelville. Licking is the only Texas County community nominated, however.

The website contains the following information about Licking:

“Licking (Texas County) Population: 2,700

“Licking has a growing arts community, centered in their Texas County Museum of History and Art, local art galleries, and art-based businesses. They work hard to restore and preserve local history and historic structures, and their location in the Ozarks make them a destination for deer and turkey hunting each year.”

With the Texas County Museum of Art and History on Main Street and with numerous well-known artists living in and around the community, Licking has more to offer than most realize. Show some pride in your community and vote to show your support. Let the rest of Missouri see what Licking is all about.


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