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RC4KIDS race around Raymondville

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RC4KIDS leadership and volunteers at the Raymondville event included, from left: front row, Paisley Spragg; second row, Jerry Pardus, Social Media Director Trisha Pardus-Spragg, Piper Willson, Preston Spragg and Kathy Barker; third row, Vice President Brett Loman, Cathy Rodr, and Kara Pardus; back row, President Jason Pardus, Jim Barker, Alissa Barker and Anthony Spragg.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

There were lots of smiling faces at the Raymondville R-VII field on Saturday, April 23. More than 15 schoolchildren participated in a tutorial and then drove their first car, hobby grade remote control (RC) car, that is.

RC4KIDS, a non-profit organization, provided the rebuilt, hobby-grade RC cars and trucks, the portable tracks and a learning tutorial for the event.

It all started in the driveway of Jason Pardus and his wife, Kara, who initially crashed her remote control car into the curb of their Raymore home. Also present was friend Brett Loman. Jason and Loman discussed the possibility of providing children in small and oftentimes rural communities a unique opportunity to experience something they’d never done before, such as RC cars. Jason Pardus is president and Loman vice president of RC4KIDS, established in December 2021, from that driveway experience.

Jason and his sister, Trisha, went to Raymondville R-VII as children and wanted this community to be the location for their first event. Schoolchildren grades five to seven were invited to attend.

“We’re so happy to give back to the community where we grew up,” said Trisha, sharing she and Jason’s lifelong dream.

Mark Cooper, a science teacher with Raymondville R-VII, was the school liaison.

Photos submitted
Volunteers and Raymondville schoolchildren enjoyed the RC car event. Raymondville schoolchildren received their very own new RC car.

“The kids had a blast,” said Jason. “All the kids started with an even playing field, so all they had to do was have fun.”

Due to the great support, RC4KIDS was able to give new RC cars to all the children that attended.

“We are looking for anyone that has any hobby cars that have been sitting in the garage or in a closet that we can rebuild to make a child’s day in the future,” say the leaders of RC4KIDS.

If you would like more information or to support RC4KIDS, they can be found on social media at: Facebook@Rc4kidsMissouri; TikTok@rc4kids_; instagram@rc4kids_; or by email at

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