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Students awarded for I-Ready achievements

Photos by Shari Harris
Licking Elementary School awarded medals to the highest overall growth class at each level based on their recent I-Ready test scores. Mrs. Luttrell’s first grade class won the award at their level. They were also the overall highest achievers for all grades. From left, in front: Jaxx Wells, Savannah McCracken, Wyatt Boswell, Alyvia Huff, Rhett Clayton, Willa Peterson, Brynlee Wiseman and Adelynn Mealler; in back: Hinley Floyd, Levi Moncrief, Raylin McNamee, Layla Eaton, Charli Potter, Brayden Liveoak, Tyler Smith and Mrs. Luttrell. Not pictured was Daisy Shepphard.

Mrs. Hebblethwaite’s Kindergarten class received medals at their grade level. From left, seated: Karter Bufford, Alexandrea McConnell, Averie York, Olivea Graen, Deagan Vestal, Annaliese Beers and Paislee Frazier; kneeling: Trenden Kuhn, Judd Hart, Baylor Shepherd, Kinley Reeder, Gunner Schlegel, Kolton Lane and Jerica Caswell; and standing: Mrs. Hebblethwaite, Waylon Corkell, Lincoln Moon, Mason Johnson, Lacey Sullins, Eli Lewis, Emersyn Goforth, Jase Larimore, Tatum Holt, Oaklee Clouse, Daniel Clouse and Mrs. Gyory-aide.

The second grade class with the highest overall growth was Mrs. Sanchez’s class. From left, seated: Jaxon York, Dakota Jernigan, Emma Gorman, Blake Masters, Brody Rector, Jase Dodd, Keegyn Kinder and Jessalyn Tripp; and standing: Jasmyn Moad, Braxton Rasmey, Natalie Saiz, Levi Terry, Airlie Lyons, Corbin Lewis, River Moon, Barbara Wilson and Mrs. Sanchez. Not pictured was L.J. O’Keefe.

The third grade class showing the highest overall growth was Mrs. Denbow’s class. From left, kneeling: Hazey Cole, Joey Conaway, Karlie Kalloch, Sophia Chambers, Aubree Hatch, Kohlbi Wells and Tyson Burks; standing: Kayden Hammond, Jake Martin, Hadley Pounds, Justin Barton, Ramona Curtis, Sayge Adey, Colton Mann and Eian Stiles. Not pictured are Taylor Coffey and Ashlin Sparks.

Ms. Case’s class showed the highest overall growth for fourth grade for the second consecutive semester. From left, in front: Waylin Sherrill, Trapper Adey, Aubrie Peterson, Colton Barnes, Kamryn Ramsey, Korbin Quick and Kavyn Kinder; and in back: Ms. Autumn Case, Kira O’Dell, Nathan Umfleet, Caillich Orman, Bailey Caswell, Matthew Lampkins, Autumn Wiebe, Annabel Godi and Jocie Floyd.

Fifth graders in Mrs. Medlock’s class earned medals as well. From left, front: Lilly Reed, Olivia Clayton, Emma Vestal, Lesa Haneline, Lucas Ingram, Ashley Clouse and Aereana Martin; and back: December Birchfield, Bailee Medlock, Lucas Bates, James Fairman, Bradley Frazier, Layney Gifford, Adelyn Phillips, Knox McCloy and Mrs. Medlock. Not pictured is Penelope Huff.

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Frazier’s class receiving awards for Highest Overall Growth were, from left, front: Colten Stroup-Moore, Westin Elliott, Willow O’Daniel, Narae Kohler, Avery Launius, John Lozoya and Brayden Jackson; back: Phoenix Maxey, Owen Hart, James Hawkins, Tony Hood, Jett Sullins, Colin Kuhn and Jason Ingram. Not pictured are Paxten Keeney and Parker Huff.

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