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Abolishing Space Invaders

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Local author Angela Barton.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

“Space Invaders: How to Eliminate Toxicity in Your Life” is the title of a work by local author Angela Barton. Long known in the area for her coaching skills on the volleyball court, Barton has compiled a book intended to help young adults maintain their personal boundaries and not feel bad about it. She includes steps at the end of each chapter to be taken by the reader to advance them in their growth.

Written with the encouragement of Barton’s best friend, Becky Butler, “Space Invaders” puts her words of advice into an easy-to-read, self-help book, intended for all ages, to help make one’s personal space stronger.

Barton’s degree in psychology provided the base, and years of working with teens and raising her own three sons gave her plenty of experience in advising youth on navigating those often difficult years.

Barton emphasizes the importance of being able to develop boundaries, to be selective about what, or who, is allowed into one’s personal space. Her book is about how to unapologetically be your authentic self, she explains. The journey begins with finding out who you are not.

“Failing is a part of the process. Keep going,” Barton encourages.

She sees a lack of identity in many teens and young adults, who focus on their failures and stop reaching for more. This allows people to take advantage of them and overlap into their personal space, thus the title of “Space Invaders.”

“When we are not happy with ourselves, we invite the overlap of others and these Space Invaders pilot our life,” she explains.

Barton hopes her words will be read by young people so they can learn early that their space is worth protecting.

“If this book helps just one person, it will be enough for me,” she asserts.

When Barton’s sons entered school, she left the sidelines as a college volleyball coach in Georgia and sought a teaching certificate so she could be present for her children, and be a positive influence for them.

“I love being a mom,” she explained. “It’s my number one job.”

Barton’s youngest son graduated from high school this year, and Barton has moved on, as well, as an investigator with the Children’s Division of the 42nd Circuit Court.

“I feel good where I’m leaving it,” she says of the transition from Head Volleyball Coach at Plato High School.

Helping kids will still be her work’s purpose, and “Space Invaders” is another means of meeting that aim.

“Space Invaders” is available on Barton’s Facebook author page, Ang Barton, or her webpage,

“What you tolerate, you have to live with,” she warns. “What are you living with that needs to change?”

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