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Missouri “ShakeOut”

Photo by Christy Porter
Ms. Hebblethwaite’s Kindergarten class practiced the Missouri “ShakeOut” earthquake drill on Thursday.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Licking R-VIII school district participated in the Missouri ‘ShakeOut’ earthquake drill on Thursday, October 20.

Being prepared is important because earthquakes occur without warning and the active New Madrid Seismic Zone could impact Missouri, as happened in November 2021.

Ms. Hebblethwaite’s kindergarten was prepared Thursday morning after watching a video and practicing. They quickly were able to Drop to their hands and knees, to Cover their head and neck with their hand and arm, while closing their eyes and mouth, and to Hold On until the shaking stops.

The students further expanded on other safety practices such as using a doorway or solid wall if a table or other covering is not available.

Be prepared before the earth starts shaking – the kindergartners are.

Photos by Christy Porter

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