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Licking Archers compete at Laquey Shootout #2

Photo by Shari Harris
The 2023 Licking Archery team consists of, from left: Albert Gyory, John Gyory, Dawson Havens, Blake Ammons, J’sai Leahy and Adam Hagler.

The Licking Archery Team traveled to Laquey Saturday for the Laquey Shootout #2. Six Wildcat archers joined with students from 10 other schools, for a total of 216 shooters from 4th through 12th grades at the competition.

In the Bullseye State Qualifier round, archers shot three sets of five arrows from a distance of 10 meters, with two shooters aiming at each target. Then three additional sets of five were shot from a distance of 15 meters.

In the 3D competition, archers shot at forms resembling turkey, coyote, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep and bear. Five arrows were shot at each of the following distances: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 meters.

At Saturday’s competition, Albert Gyory led Licking archers in the Bullseye State Qualifier with a score of 245 with 5 tens. He ranked 25/44 in high school boys, 9/16 in 10th grade boys and 33/119 in overall boys. John Gyory scored 243 with 3 tens. J’sai Leahy shot 233 with no tens. Dawson Havens scored 232 with 2 tens. Adam Hagler shot 227 with 1 ten. Blake Ammons earned a score of 187 with one ten.

In the 3D competition, John Gyory led scoring at 272 with 9 tens. He ranked 2/14 in high school boys, 2/6 in 10th grade boys and 2/38 in overall boys. Dawson Havens scored 229 with 4 tens. Albert Gyory shot a 227 with 2 tens. Blake Ammons earned a 203 with 2 tens. Adam Hagler scored 200 with 2 tens. J’sai Leahy shot for 191 points with 2 tens.

Quail Unlimited provides the archery team with 3D targets for their practice sessions, with the exception of a bear and a bighorn sheep. Coach Nathan Buckland said the Archery Team hopes to raise money working at the high school concession stand to purchase these targets. Assistant Coach Al Gyory has ordered matching shirts for the team and anticipates they will have them for their next competition.

Archers are vying to reach an individual score of 275 to qualify for the state tournament. One more competition remains where archers can qualify, in Mountain Grove on February 25.

Photos by Shari Harris

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