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Star.Town Records & Events holds inaugural event

HOUSTON, Mo. – Star.Town Records & Events, a brand-new company based in Licking, Mo., focuses on community, music and arts. Star.Town provides booking, event management, music promotion and recording studio services to help artists and musicians achieve their dreams.

Owner and operator Christopher Martinez has over 15 years of experience in the music and event planning arena and a Certificate in Public and Media Relations from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Starting in Florida, Martinez has put together events for churches and college clubs. Now making Licking home, Martinez’s goal is to build a strong community through the power of music and arts by organizing family friendly events.

“I am thrilled to support our local community, schools and artists…to build a strong foundation for the growing families and youth in the area,” said Martinez. “We want to provide a space for creatives to come together and make beautiful things.”

The inaugural event for Star.Town Records & Events, St. Patty’s Jam on Grand, will be held at the Melba Performing Arts Theater in Houston, Mo., starting at 5:30 p.m., on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17. There will be a wide variety of musical performances, as well as food via concessions. This event will also have other concessions for the attendees, a leprechaun and gnome costume contest, as well as other treats the family will enjoy. Keeping the event affordable was an important detail for Martinez. This event is $8 online and $10 at the door, and everyone is encouraged to come out and support the local music scene.

“St. Patty’s Jam on Grand is a passion project for the community that started as an idea which quickly caught wind of collaborators from the cities around,” said Martinez.

A Light in the Woods Promotions owner David Lytle is co-sponsoring the event and also hosts three festivals in Salem, Mo.

“The pure energy we get from the smiling faces of our community… has been our inspiration to be better and better every year… and inspire others to do the same,” Lytle said.

In the future, Star.Town Records & Events plans to build a studio space to help local artists cultivate their skills. This studio will be available to rent for small events, such as classes, workshops, photo shoots, and recording sessions. Look forward to seeing more of Star.Town Records & Events as they join the local music and event scene. You can email Martinez at, call (430) 558-4533, or check out the Star.Town Records & Events facebook page for more information.

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