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Newspapers in classrooms

Photo by Shari Harris
Mrs. Denbow’s class at Licking Elementary gave many accounts of what they liked about getting the newspaper, to the delight of Town & Country Bank’s Leslie McBee, shown far right, and The Licking News’ Shari Harris (not pictured).

By Shari Harris, Publisher

National Newspapers in Education week was celebrated March 6-10, 2023. Two area banks, Town & Country Bank-Licking and Progressive Ozark Bank, sponsor weekly deliveries of The Licking News to Licking, Phelps County R-III, Raymondville and Success third grade students. This year, representatives from the banks visited with some of the students and heard their impressions of the program.

Photo by Shari Harris
Ms. Smith’s third graders at Licking Elementary made cards for their visitors, thanking them for the newspapers. They are shown with Leslie McBee from Town & Country Bank.

Photo by Shari Harris
The Licking Elementary third grade students in Ms. Hood’s class, shown here with Town & Country Bank’s Leslie McBee, also shared anecdotes with their visitors.

Town & Country Bank Retail Manager Leslie McBee accompanied Shari Harris, publisher of The Licking News, on a visit to Licking Elementary School, Wednesday, March 8. Third grade classes under the direction of Mrs. Denbow, Ms. Smith and Ms. Hood welcomed their visitors and shared artwork and projects they had completed using the newspapers. Students answered questions, such as what their favorite part of the newspaper was. Many answered that the comics and puzzles were their favorites, but two aspiring cattlemen announced the cow sales and classifieds were their favorites.

Photo by Shari Harris
Phelps County R-III’s third grade class told Town & Country Bank’s Laura Bottiger how they appreciated the papers, and how they used them in class.

Later that afternoon, Town & Country Bank Personal Banker Laura Bottiger and Harris traveled to Edgar Springs and visited with Mrs. Spurgin’s class. The visit coincided with their 100th day of school, which they celebrate annually. These students also shared their favorite pages and asked questions about the newspaper.

Photo by Shari Harris
Mr. Thomas and his students shared their multiple uses of the newspapers with Progressive Ozark Bank’s Jennifer Williams and Jason Stone at Raymondville.

Progressive Ozark Bank’s Vice President/Houston Market Manager Jennifer Williams, Vice President/Licking Market Manager Jason Stone, and Harris met with Mr. Thomas and his third grade class at Raymondville on Thursday. This class was excited to share their uses of the newspapers, including looking for their spelling words in the articles. Thomas stated they also share the papers with other classes.

Photo by Shari Harris
Progressive Ozark Bank sponsors newspapers for Ms. Malam’s third grade class at Success. These students shared their appreciation for the weekly delivery.

Ms. Malam and her third grade class at Success welcomed Harris on Thursday as well. Her class reported they often take the newspapers home and share them with their families, as well as using them in the classroom.

All of the classes stated they looked forward to receiving the weekly bundle of newspapers. Whether they used them for reading, spelling, or paper mache in art class, the newspapers were valued.

The Licking News appreciates the sponsorship of the program at these schools by Town & Country Bank and Progressive Ozark Bank, and appreciates the time and effort the teachers and students put into this week’s meetings. This program is important to encourage reading and community involvement at a young age to build upon as the students progress through their lives. The representatives of both banks and Harris found the students’ response to the program inspiring.

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