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First LHS Career Day

Photo by Christy Porter
Senior John Tyree tries the suit on for size during the military session at 2023 Career Day. 

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Licking High School held their first Career Day last Wednesday, the first of many hoped for in the future. This allowed students the opportunity to meet first hand those who have walked high school hallways, made choices and are now successful in a chosen career field.

Guest speakers and presenters were comprised mostly of area residents with a wide range of careers and specialties. They shared who they are and where they are now, including high school activities and interests, what the path has been to achieve their current situation and why, as well as the education required.

Some sessions provided hands-on participation in applicable career activities.

Questions were allowed at the sessions, to which students complied, questioning responsibilities, salary expectations, motivation, and even how a bank robbery affected employees and bank procedures.

“The day has been fantastic! Community members and business owners have been so giving of their time and expertise,” commented Principal Jarad Rinne. “Thank you!”

Janell Duncan, LHS RootEd Advisor, worked closely with Counselor Joann Cooper to help with logistics for the day. Mrs. Duncan secured the speakers, coordinated student selections, balanced the sessions, and worked with the speakers, teachers and administration to help ensure a successful day.

“We planned the Career Day to help students see as many occupations as possible. The focus was to include all 16 career clusters so that all students would benefit from the day,” said Mrs. Duncan. “We are so blessed to have such a good community support system! We had over 35 guest speakers – many of the speakers were previous graduates from Licking High School!”

Students were previously given a form allowing four career choices ranging in science, education, technology, health care and its many fields, food, ministerial, vocational, engineering, conservation, small business ownership, law enforcement, military, manufacturing, accounting, insurance, public services, agriculture, art in many forms, banking and publication.

Photo by Christy Porter
Gary Cook presents students with information on Elementary Education while in Ms. Baker’s classroom.

Freshmen were required to take one banking session and one education session, and allowed two elective sessions.

Sophomores were required to take one military session and allowed three elective sessions.

Juniors were required to take one vocational specialist session and three electives.

Seniors had no requirements and chose four electives.

Student comments included, “Listening to several different career paths helped (me) to form a better idea of what I would like to go into,” from senior Kyson Quick.

Senior Winter Dayton said, “I enjoyed the speakers talking about how it’s okay to change what you want to do until you feel comfortable and happy with what you’re doing.”

“It helped me to truly determine whether I’m serious about my future career choice,” observed freshman Autumn Johnson.

When students had completed their sessions they were requested to complete and submit a survey; completion of the survey entered them into prize drawings.

Photos by Janell Duncan

More student quotes from the survey:

“I think everyone enjoyed this, and it helps people know more about real people’s careers, and not just the good things you read online,” said Junior Hannah Medlock.

Junior Samuel Penn said, “It was good to hear the stories of what college is like from people who went to college.”

Junior Riley Moloney shared, “Students getting more information about careers they have been considering may help them choose a career.”

“All the presenters made sure to ask us about what we would like to do and gave us options that would benefit us,” commented sophomore Dawn Humphrey.

Freshman Madison Larimore responded, “Getting to talk to people about their jobs and learning how they kept pushing forward even when things were hard.”

“Getting to hear about someone’s personal journey and how they got to the point they are at now,” impressed freshman Addison Floyd.

“This day helped give more information and let me hear experience from others from the field I want to go into,” stated sophomore Janelle Bates.

Photos by Christy Porter

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