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91st Annual Licking FFA Banquet

Photo by Shari Harris
This year’s Chapter Degree winners attending the banquet were, from left, front row: Logan Stines, Trinnity Davis, John Robertson, Dalton Drennen, Cameron Teems and Ashlee Umfleet; back row: Jd Fox, Zac Burch, Riley Edgar, Buckley Miller, Kindal Sevedge and Dalton Atkisson.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

The 91st Annual Licking FFA Banquet was held Friday, May 5, at the Sherman Hill Field House. After opening ceremonies by Licking Chapter FFA Officers, President Evan Gifford welcomed guests. FFA Vice-President Trinnity Davis was joined by two fellow LHS choir members, Ally Haneline and Nicole Paolella, to sing the National Anthem. Chaplain John Tyree was unable to be at the Banquet, so incoming Chaplain Cameron Teems provided the invocation. FFA members and guests enjoyed a dinner prepared with the assistance of former FFA Advisor Van Kirkwood.

Creed speaker Michael Lyons presented the FFA creed, followed by the presentation of awards by officers and FFA Advisor Rae Kirkwood. Other speakers included senior Trinnity Davis, who gave a senior reflection speech, and President Evan Gifford, who delivered his retiring address.

After honorary members were announced, certificates of appreciation were read and new officers were installed. Members then gifted an FFA blanket to former advisor Van Kirkwood. Seniors Davis and Gifford retired their jackets.

The 2023-2024 officer team, led by new President Jd Fox, completed closing ceremonies, including the Pledge of Allegiance.

Photo by Shari Harris
An FFA blanket signed by members was presented to former Advisor Van Kirkwood. Evan Gifford, right, stretches to show the entirety of the blanket.

This year’s awards included the following:

Greenhand Awards – Howard Broadaway, Dayllyn Cooper, Xander Elrod, Autumn Johnson, Jaxon Kuhn, Michael Lyons, Araya Manson, Bobby Miller, Buckley Miller, Adam Morgan, Brently Morris, Colton Osborne, Gavin Steinmann and Mason Wallace.

Star Greenhand – Autumn Johnson.

Chapter FFA Degrees – Dalton Atkisson, Zac Burch, Kale Cook, Trinnity Davis, Jake Derr, Jaycob Diedrich, Dalton Drennen, Riley Edgar, Alexis Elledge, Jd Fox, Peyton Goforth, Jonah Henderson, Luke Henderson, Kristen Holladay, Logan Lane, Clayton Mashek, Cole McCloy, Natalie McGaughey, Buckley Miller, John Robertson, Kindal Sevedge, Logan Stines, Logan Storm, Cameron Teems, Ashlee Umfleet, Lake Wade and Blake White-Bell.

Star Chapter Farmer – Jd Fox.

Star Chapter Placement – Jonah Henderson.

Star Chapter Agribusiness – Trinnity Davis.

Honorary Chapter Degree – Jaime Tripp and Elizabeth Robertson.

Creed Speaker – Michael Lyons.

Dekalb Award            – Evan Gifford.

State Choir – Trinnity Davis.

Outstanding Members – Michael Lyons, Ashlee Umfleet, Kindal Sevedge, Buckley Miller, Tessa Lucas and John Tyree.

Leadership Awards – Trinnity Davis, Evan Gifford, Jd Fox, Ashlee Umfleet, Michael Lyons, Autumn Johnson, Kindal Sevedge, Buckley Miller, Jaxon Kuhn, Jordan Kinder, Cameron Teems, Zac Burch and Tessa Lucas.

Scholarship Awards – Adam Morgan, Buckley Miller, Cole McCloy, Natalie McGaughey, Trinnity Davis, Ashlee Umfleet, Kristen Holladay, John Tyree, Dalton Atkisson, Michael Lyons, Cameron Teems, Dayllyn Cooper, Levi Garrett, Lake Wade and Zac Burch.

Service Awards – Trinnity Davis, Jd Fox, Zac Burch, Buckley Miller, Logan Stines, Kindal Sevedge, Ashlee Umfleet, Autumn Johnson, Peyton Goforth, Evan Gifford, Tessa Lucas, Logan Lane, Cameron Teems, Michael Lyons, Colton Osborne, Jaxon Kuhn, Howard Broadaway and John Tyree.

Proficiency Awards – Jonathan Hagler – Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication-Entrepreneurship/Placement, Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship and Swine Production; Evan Gifford – Agricultural Mechanics Repair/Maintenance-Placement, Beef Production Placement and Forage Production; Garret Taylor – Agricultural Processing; Trinnity Davis – Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship; Levi Garret – Agricultural Sales-Placement; Jordan Kinder – Agricultural Sales-Placement; Clayton Mashek – Agricultural Services; Jd Fox – Beef Production Entrepreneurship; Kale Cook – Diversified Livestock Production-Entrepreneurship; Logan Stines – Equine Science-Entrepreneurship; Kristen Hollady – Equine Science-Placement; Kindal Sevedge – Food Service; Cole McCloy – Forest Management; Lake Wade – Goat Production and Turf Grass Management; Buckley Miller – Home and/or Farm Stead Improvement; Mainard Henson – Poultry Production; Luke Henderson – Sheep Production; Zac Burch – Small Animal Production & Care; Ashlee Umfleet – Vegetable Production; and Akaya Rennert – Vegetable Production.

Photos by Shari Harris

Photos by Shari Harris

Photos by Shari Harris


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