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Frisco League Math Competition


On Monday, April 24, Licking students from grades five through twelve competed in the Frisco League Math Competition. We were able to field a team for each of the ten areas that were tested at this event. The top ten in each area were given ribbons, with the top three earning medals.

Many ribbons and medals were won by Licking students that evening. The following is a list of students who competed, with awards in parentheses behind their names:

Fifth Grade: Jocie Floyd (7), Jaycee Stoner (8), Luci Todaro

Sixth Grade: Alex Beasley (4), Tesla Morrison (4), Keegan O’Dell

Seventh Grade: John Lazoya, Zoen Tillery (2), Aiden Mansfield

Eight Grade: Taylor Hicks (5), Nolee Miller (6), Emma Varela (9)

Consumer/Technical Math: Dakota King (3), Luke Smith (5)

Algebra 1: Jasmine Smith (6), Branson Evans (4), Addison Floyd (7)

Algebra 2: Dawson Havens (7), Trevor Richards (4), Dominick Donley (5)

Geometry: Tim Norris

Trigonometry/Logarithms: Cyrus Chalmers (1)

Free-For-All: Alex Schwarz (7), Kendall Burch (1), Ryleigh Barton (4)

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