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IECA Annual Membership Meeting

Photo by Shari Harris
IECA Board of Directors President Matthew Duncan led the business meeting Friday, and was joined onstage by the other members of the board, attorney Christiaan Horton, and CEO Doug Lane.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association turned 87 years old this year, and it continues to distribute power to a multi-county area of south-central Missouri. Their Annual Membership Meeting, held Friday morning at the Old City Park in Licking, featured their business meeting, entertainment, a health fair, a craft fair, a kids’ tent, breakfast and a free brown bag lunch.

Photos by Christy Porter

Photos by Christy Porter

Several members visited the Health Fair Booth, and were greeted by Texas County Memorial Hospital, the Texas County Health Department, Phelps Health Education Services, the VFW Auxiliary and Three Rivers Hospice. After fasting lab work was completed, many purchased a breakfast prepared by the members of the Raymondville Volunteer Rural Fire Department.

Photos by Christy Porter

The craft and information booths also received many visitors throughout the day, and in the kids’ booth, youngsters colored to win a Buddy Bear and entered the bicycle contest.

In the Intercounty tent, a photo opportunity was available for kids or the young at heart in a lineman’s bucket. Also available was member assistance from Intercounty employees, including information on Unclaimed Capital Credits.

Photos by Christy Porter

At 11 a.m., a brown bag lunch was served to members and their guests, many of whom enjoyed the meal while listening to the bluegrass selections of The Punches, a musical family from Fredericktown.

Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter

Matthew Duncan, President of the Board of Directors, led this year’s Board Meeting, which began at 9 a.m. Licking Christian Church Pastor Rick Mosher gave the invocation, followed by a unique bluegrass rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” by The Punches and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by IECA Economic Development/Key Account Representative Tony Floyd. Licking Mayor Keith Cantrell offered a welcome to all.

Photo by Shari Harris
The Punches entertained during the recess of the business meeting. They are shown here performing the National Anthem at the onset of the meeting.

Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter

The President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and Manager’s Report were presented by Duncan, Board Secretary/Treasurer Tom Fleener, and CEO Doug Lane, respectively. Lane spoke of the difficulties facing energy suppliers, as deadlines for meeting new clean energy requirements outpace the technology and transmission capabilities required to create the clean energy.

Photos by Shari Harris

Director of Member Services Karen McNew spoke about the area Youth Tour winners, and nine of them were present to thank the membership for the opportunity of the educational trips they earned.

Attorney Christiaan Horton reviewed the candidates and the three amendments listed on the ballot for the day. He provided results of the voting at the end of the meeting, as follows:

  • First proposed amendment, to improve and clarify Board of Directors qualifications – 685 Yes, 48 No.
  • Second proposed amendment, addressing campaign financing and payment for board service – 693 Yes, 43 No.
  • Third proposed amendment, providing protection for those serving the Cooperative and its members – 631 Yes, 97 No.
  • Angela Lenox Mallory, North District, was reelected to the Board with 501 mail-in votes and 178 in-person votes (total 679 votes).
  • Thomas Fleener, Central District, was reelected to the Board with 509 mail-in votes and 174 in-person votes (total 683 votes).
  • The South District had two nominees, with incumbent James R. Swindell reelected to the Board with 359 mail-in votes and 140 in-person votes (total 499 votes). Tiffany Brunkhorst received 172 mail-in votes and 51 in-person votes (total 223 votes).

Electric Credit drawing winners included:

$50 Credits – David Scantlin, Houston; Ruth Flett, Rolla; Maria Lewis, Raymondville; Shelley McCormick, Salem; Carl Collet, Rolla; William Sorrell, Summersville; David Shockley, Salem; Monty Wilson, Rolla; Malissa Crewse, Licking; Wayne Smith, Summersville; Porter Wiseman, Houston; Randy Verkamp, St. James; Gary Curlile, Summersville; Robin Calvin, Bucyrus; Donald Stephens, Licking; Kathryn Storlie, Summersville; Henry Kohenskey, Edgar Springs; Kevin Cooper, Rolla; Louis McCarthy, Edgar Springs; James Beck, Jr., Rolla.

$100 Credits – Beverly Hellon, St. James; Gloria Sterner, Mtn. Grove; HB Acres, Rolla; Ann Liebert, Licking; Roger Hagemann, Summersville; L. C. Wolfe, Bucyrus; Julius Pounds, Houston; Jim Mader, Rolla; Boone Township, Licking; Robert Dodds, Rolla.

$250 Credits – Donnetta James, Licking; Benny Scheets, Cabool; Leonard Ketterer, Licking; Janis Rensch, Licking.

$500 Credits – Steven Settles, Licking; Beverly Lee, Rolla.

$100 Sho-Me Cash awards – Bobby Branstetter, Raymondville; Ancil Crewse, Huggins; Anthony West, Salem; and Lake Springs Community Building.

Photo by Shari Harris
Karen McNew, left, presents Paisley Gilmore with a Buddy Bear she won in the 6-8 age range coloring contest.

Coloring Contest winners receiving Buddy Bears were: Azalea Sapaugh (age 3-5), and Paisley Gilmore (age 6-8).

Photo by Shari Harris
From left, Sophia Chase, Kavyn Kinder, Kinslee Shaw, and Knoxyn Kinder were the bicycle winners at the IECA Annual Membership Meeting.

This year’s bicycle winners in the 9-12 age group were Sophia Chase and Kavyn Kinder; and in the 5-8 age group were Kinslee Shaw and Knoxyn Kinder.

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