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Fun at the Fair

Photo by Shari Harris
Winners in the livestock competitions at the 2023 Texas County Fair claimed their awards Saturday morning.

The Texas County Fair was held last week at the fairgrounds north of Houston, culminating in Saturday’s awards ceremony, tractor parade, supporters’ appreciation dinner and livestock sale.

Thursday afternoon, the Fair Board purchased the fairgrounds located south of the large arena, including the livestock buildings and livestock arena, from the Houston Chamber of Commerce.

Texas County resident and fair supporters Barry and Ellen Reynolds donated a Registered Angus heifer that sold multiple times Saturday during the livestock sale, raising $20,500 to help with the purchase of the fairgrounds. A half-hog was also being raffled at the fair, with the drawing scheduled for the fall.

Livestock of many varieties, including poultry, rabbits, swine, goats, sheep and cattle were cared for by their attendant owners during the hot week. Youth showed fair attendees and judges the efforts of months of work, and proudly accepted awards for the same.

Photo by Shari Harris
State Rep. Bennie Cook hands out pizza to hungry youth after the goat fashion show Thursday evening.

Time for fun was planned as well. The annual goat fashion show, with a superhero theme, featured many caped superheroes, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and a farmer, who all agreed is a true superhero. Representative Bennie Cook could be seen passing out pizza for a Thursday evening pizza party, which was followed by a movie. Friday ended with a tractor parade and Ag Olympics.

The Home Economics building was a great place to visit at this year’s fair. They exhibited some truly beautiful artwork and craftsmanship, with paintings, drawings, quilting, woodcrafts and much more. Produce baskets were plentiful and held fine examples of the efforts of green thumbs.

Beef Showmanship:

Senior Showmanship (ages 17-21): Champion Mattie McKee and Reserve Champion Lane Medlin

Intermediate Showmanship (ages 13-16): Champion Sam Peterson and Reserve Champion Eden Uhing

Junior Showmanship (ages 8-12): Champion Elsie Roark and Reserve Champion Ellie Peterson

Novice Showmanship (ages 5-7): Champion Tucker Pursifull and Reserve Champion Kip Croppenik

PeeWee Showmanship (ages 2-4): Champion Coen Roark and Reserve Champion Elilah Sawyer

Replacement Heifer Show:

Champion Nova Gentry and Reserve Champion Nova Gentry

Kiddie Calf Show:

Blue ribbons for Eliah Sawyer, Raelynn Pursifull, Kip Croppenik and Kayson Sawyer

Breeding Beef Show:

Angus Open/Youth, Angus Heifer: Champion Gentry Roark (winter heifer calf) and Reserve Champion Eden Uhing (junior heifer calf)

Angus Open/Youth, Angus Bull: Champion Coen Roark and Reserve Champion Ellie Uhing

Charolais Open/Youth, Charolais Heifer: Champion and Reserve Champion Charlie Howard (summer yearling heifers)

Hereford Open/Youth, Hereford Heifer: Champion Sam Peterson (senior yearling heifer 1) and Reserve Champion Ellie Peterson (senior yearling heifer 2)

Hereford Open/Youth, Hereford Bulls: Champion Charli Howard (winter bull calf)

Salers Open/Youth, Salers Heifer: Champion Dylan Dzurick (junior yearling heifer)

Shorthorn Open/Youth, Shorthorn Heifer: Champion Kit Benne (winter heifer calf)

Simmental Open/Youth, Simmental Heifer: Champion Elsie Roark (junior yearling heifer)

Crossbred Beef Open/Youth, Crossbred Heifer: Champion Nova Gentry (summer yearling heifer) and Reserve Champion Tucker Pursifull (senior yearling heifer)

Supreme Heifer Drive: Champion Gentry Roark (Angus) and Reserve Champion Sam Peterson (Hereford)

Supreme Bull: Champion Ellie Uhing (Angus) and Reserve Champion Coen Roark (Angus)

Market Steer/Live Show:

Kaden Gaither – 5th Place, Rate of Gain Winner, 1st Place Carcass, Overall Grand Champion Market Steer

Sam Peterson – Champion Market Steer/Live Show and Overall Reserve Champion Market Steer

Mattie McKee – Reserve Champion Market Steer/Live Show

Carlie Tuttle – 2nd place Carcass

Wyatt Medlin – 3rd place

Claire Shelton – 4th place, 3rd place Carcass

Nova Gentry – Champion Replacement Heifer and Reserve Champion Replacement Heifer

Swine Showmanship:

Senior Showmanship (ages 17-21): Champion Jaden Brotherton and Reserve Champion Lacey Wuertley.

Intermediate Showmanship (ages 13-16): Champion Madison Prescott and Reserve Champion Cloe Bradshaw.

Junior Showmanship (ages 8-12): Champion Eli Koch and Reserve Champion Carter Prescott.

Novice Showmanship (ages 5-7): Champion Kal Koch and Reserve Champion Wyatt Witte.

Peewee Showmanship (ages 2-4): Champion Bristol Hale and Reserve Champion Boone Ryan.

Breeding Gilt Show:

Berkshire Youth/Open: Jaden Brotherton (January gilt), first place.

Duroc Youth/Open: Jaden Brotherton (January gilt), first place.

Hampshire Swine Youth/Open: Jaden Brotherton (January gilt), first place

Spotted Youth/Open: Carter Prescott (January gilt), first place

Yorkshire Youth/Open: Madison Prescott (January gilt), first place

Crossbred Swine Youth: Eli Koch (Crossbred gilt), first place

Champion Gilt: Eli Koch (Crossbred gilt)

Reserve Champion Gilt: Jaden Brotherton (Duroc)

Market Hog – Live Show:

Overall Grand Champion Market Hog: Gibson Kell

Over All Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, 4th Overall/ Live Show: Ava Koch

Grand Champion Market Hog/Live Show: Madison Prescott

Reserve Champion: Ava Koch

3rd Overall: Carter Prescott

5th overall: Cloe Bradshaw

Rate of Gain Winner: Brett Wuertley

Sheep Showmanship:

Senior Showmanship (ages 17-21): Champion Jaden Brotherton

Intermediate Showmanship (ages 13-16): Champion Kari Jordan

Junior Showmanship (ages 8-12): Champion Evan Jordan

Novice Showmanship (ages 5-7): Champion Trigger Anderson

Peewee Showmanship (ages 2-4): Champion Crew Anderson

Breeding Sheep Show:

Champion Ram Lamb: Trigger Anderson

Champion Ewe Lamb: Crew Anderson

Reserve Champion Ewe Lamb: Trigger Anderson

Market Lamb – Live Show:

Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb: Madelyn Smith

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Eban Jordan

Champion Market Lamb: Jaden Brotherton

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Ty Rouse

1st Place Carcass: Evan Jordan

2nd Place Carcass: Savannah Rouse

3rd Place Carcass: Madelyn Smith

The following winners, in the Goat shows, Dairy Cattle Show and Poultry Show, will be printed in next week’s edition of The Licking News.

Breeding Goat Show:

Senior Showmanship (ages 17-21): Champion Abigail Miller

Intermediate Showmanship (ages 13-16): Champion Sabrina Snyder

Youth Showmanship (ages 8-12): Champion Gentry Roark

Novice Showmanship (ages 5-7): Champion Morgan Pulliam

Peewee Showmanship (ages 2-4): Champion Cameron Ashworth

Junior Champion Boer Doe: Emma Uhing

Junior Reserve Champion Boer Doe: Gentry Roark

Senior Champion Boer Doe: Emma Uhing

Senior Reserve Champion Boer Doe: Kit Benne

Junior Champion Boer Cross Doe: Abigail Miller

Senior Champion Boer Cross Doe: Sabrina Snyder

Grand Champion Doe: Emma Uhing

Grand Champion Boer Buck:   Emma Uhing

Reserve Grand Champion Boer Buck: Kit Benne

Grand Champion Boer Cross Buck: Landon Parish

Dairy Goat Show:

Grand Overall Champion Doe: Colson Enfield

Reserve Overall Champion Doe: Harley Lancaster

Grand Overall Champion Buck: Harley Lancaster

Reserve Overall Champion Buck: Harley Lancaster

Grand Champion Lamancha Doe: Colson Enfield

Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe: Harley Lancaster

Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe: Harley Lancaster

Grand Champion Nubian Doe: Colson Enfield

Reserve Champion Nubian Doe: Colson Enfield

Grand Champion Recorded Doe: Virginia Stasey

Reserve Champion Recorded Doe: Colson Enfield

Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck: Harley Lancaster

Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck: Harley Lancaster

Dairy Cattle Show:

Supreme Female: Ashlynn Law

Reserve Supreme Female: Eagan Law

Dairy Cattle Showmanship:

Senior Showmanship (ages 17-21): Champion Ashlynn Law

Intermediate Showmanship (ages 13-16): Champion Eagan Law

Market Goat Show:

Overall Grand Champion/Rate of Gain Winner: Grace Conner

Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Baylee Ryan

Live Show Grand Champion: Abigail Miller

Live Show Reserve Grand Champion: Jaden Brotherton

1st Place Carcass: Grace Radford

2nd Place Carcass: Morgan Pulliam

3rd Place Carcass: Raelynn Pursifull

Poultry Show:


Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Jonathan Collins


Supreme Champion Male: Joshua Anderson (Millie Fluer d’Uccle)

Supreme Champion Female: Joshua Anderson (Millie Fluer d’Uccle)

Standard Roosters: Grand Champion Myla Woods (Brelefelder) and Reserve Champion Eagan Law (Black Australorp)

Standard Heavy Breed Hens: Grand Champion Gideon Price (Barred Rock) and Reserve Champion Ezra Price (Speckled Sussex)

Standard Light Breed Hens: Grand Champion Chloe Anderson (Golden Laced Black Polish) and Reserve Champion Nathan Stallcup (White Leghorn)

Standard Pullets: Grand Champion Laurelle Rasko (Rhode Island Red) and Reserve Champion Myla Woods (Barred Rock)

Bantam Roosters: Grand Champion Joshua Anderson (Millie Fluer d’Uccle) and Reserve Champion Colson Enfield (Cochin)

Bantam Hens: Grand Champion Joshua Anderson (Millie Fluer d’Uccle) and Reserve Champion Lukas Woods (Blue Old English)

Waterfowl: Grand Champion Myla Woods (Call Duck)

Grand Champion Market Pen: McCoy Gentry

Reserve Champion Market Pen: Laurelle Rasko

3rd Place: Myla Woods

4th Place: Myla Woods

5th Place: Russell Stallcup

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