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Open House at Licking Elementary

Photo by Shari Harris
Principal Brian Barry addressed a group of families who were eagerly awaiting the start of Open House at Licking Elementary Monday.

By Shari Harris
Co-Managing Editor

New elementary principal Mr. Brian Barry greeted families as they entered the Elementary School lobby Monday evening, and directed them to the newly expanded cafeteria to await the start of Open House. Following a brief set of instructions to those gathered in the cafeteria, he continued to greet newcomers and helped identify where they needed to go first.

“It’s fun and exciting, an opportunity to start fresh,” said Mr. Barry regarding the new school year. “I look for this year to be a building block, to strive for excellence.”

Parents and children had the opportunity to locate classrooms, meet with teachers and bring in some supplies to classrooms. They were asked to complete necessary paperwork while there.

Registration of children into the new school software system was accomplished in the cafeteria, with school staff on hand to provide assistance as needed.

Transportation staff was ready in the cafeteria to coordinate pickup and drop off locations and times with families, ensuring every child will find their way to school and back home again.

Not to be forgotten, the ladies of the elementary cafeteria met students and offered a choice of oatmeal raisin, sugar or M&M chocolate chip cookies after they had met their teachers.

Photos by Shari Harris

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