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Teacher Appreciation

Photo by Christy Porter
Teachers Tania Wood, JH English (left), and Colin Ellis, HS English (right) enjoyed the coffee and donut choices available.

Photo by Christy Porter
Kaitlyn Cook, Kindergarten teacher, stopped by the break room for a hot cup of coffee.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Kinder Feed and Farm and Rinne Pharmacy showed their support and were the first participants in the newly organized Community Teacher Support Network (CTSN), making coffee and donuts available at the Licking High School and Elementary break rooms for all the teachers to pursue at their convenience.

CTSN is a group of parents and community members who work together to provide support and resources to local teachers, thereby fulfilling their mission: Supporting the well-being and success of teachers in our community.

Kinder Feed and Farm provides our community with a variety of animal and pet supplies, custom feed mixes and local farm needs such as gates and fencing. They also provide Dryshod boots and Case knives. You can meet your farming, fertilizer and pet needs in one stop.

Rinne Pharmacy provides a large variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications; they also provide immunizations and medical synchronization. They have a full line of coffee, a new seating area and free delivery of coffee to the school for teachers and staff. The Heroes Program gives 10 percent of coffee proceeds to Licking school programs.

Elementary Principal Brian Barry shared, “Thank you to all who have put in the time and effort to get this together for our teachers!”

Should you or your business wish to participate in the CTSN program by providing encouragement with a snack cart, lunch, funding, discounts, classroom resources or more, please contact Delanie at 573-889-7491.

“This is so kind! Thank you, Delanie, for your work on this,” said Angela Loughridge, Junior High Principal.

Photo by Christy Porter

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