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The roar of pulling

Photos by Shari Harris
The mini rods and lawn mowers pulled on the left, at times simultaneous to the larger MMTTPA pullers on the right.

Kyle Kinder drove The Real McCoy in the 6200 Super Street Trucks division.

Shari Harris, Managing Editor

The roar of revving engines filled the air Saturday evening, September 30, on Shafer Road north of Licking. R&S Track sponsored a Truck and Tractor Pull benefit for the Licking FFA Chapter.

Featuring two tracks, spectators could enjoy MMTTPA truck and tractor pulls while also seeing mini rods and lawn mowers pulling The Stubborn Mule sled. A few local pullers entered the fun, with Kyle Kinder pulling in the 6200 Super Street Trucks category, and in the 6200 Pro-Stock Trucks division, Danny Wade and Shellie Ogden competed.

The Stubborn Mule reported they had pullers hailing from Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

Photos by Shari Harris

Licking MMTTPA results were as follows:

11,000 Hot Stock Tractors

1st – Ronnie Neill, Shelbyville, Way Over Budget, 317.03

2nd – Jeremy Spradling, Conway, Dirty Harvester, 314.48

3rd – Nathan Woehr, Rich Fountain, Limited Edition, 296.74

4th – Torey Felten, Fayette, 1466 IH, 21.86

6000 Pro-Field Tractors

1st – Carlie Steinbeck, New Haven, Blue Scooten, 334.23

2nd – Kaitlyn Otto, Jefferson City, Cummin in Hot, 329.93

3rd – Russell Martin, Ashland, Red Delight, 283.26

6200 Super Street Trucks

1st – Matt Havens, Iberia, Pullin for Christ, 341.58

2nd – Larry Weidinger, Vienna, Thumper, 338.47

3rd – Kyle Kinder, Licking, The Real McCoy, 328.48

4th – Luke Wiser, New Haven, No Strings Attached, 311.01

5th – Dale Ebker, Owensville, 69 Ford, 304.42

6500 Limited Super Stock Tractors

1st – Derek Otto, St. Thomas, Yellow Fever, 379.22

2nd – Will Otto, St. Thomas, Rair Edge, 364.69

3rd – Curt Goeller, St. Thomas, Bulletproof Not, 355.75

4th – Ben Lupardus, Ulman, Good Vibrations, 341.27

5th – Jeff Dobbs, Lebanon, Cummin for Nuttin, 330.87

9500 Pro-Field Tractors

1st – Evan Borgmann, Fulton, Legally Red, 335.94

2nd – Michael Poehlman, Columbia, Gamora, 329.18

3rd – Barry Kormeier, New Haven, Grown Up Green, 324.28

4th – Baylor Smith, Belle, Moody, 323.71

5th – Jimmy Goss, Sedalia, Hellcat Harvester, 314.96

6th – Wally Scheer, New Haven, Scheer AgriVation, 310.94

7th – Kris Moran, New Haven, 1066 IH, 305.20

6200 Pro-Street Trucks

1st – Isaac Powell, Vienna, Pullin for Christ II, 317.26

6200 Pro-Stock Trucks

1st – Bill Brouk, Ulman, Making Bacon, 334.17

2nd – Bret Powell, Iberia, The King’s Horses, 322.35

3rd – Travis Wade, Rogersville, Coyote Ugly, 321.20

4th – Danny Wade, Licking, Dark Side, 291.13

5th – Shellie Ogden, Licking, Full Strut, 270.26

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