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Making waves

Photos by Christy Porter
Science and Social Studies teacher, Ms. Candice Shepherd enjoyed seeing the results of her fourth-grade class’s wave property models, as did the students who were making waves on their models.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

The fourth-grade students in Ms. Candice Shepherd’s Science class were busy making waves last week.

Four groups in the class each completed a project on wave properties by making models comprised of marshmallows, skewers, and duct tape. After soaking the marshmallows in water, they placed one marshmallow on each end of a skewer. The students then located the balance point of each skewer. The skewers were placed at the center point on a duct tape strip at equal distances leaving the edges to hang freely. A duct tape strip was placed over the top of the bottom strip. These models were then taped at both ends to spaced tabletops.

When their models were taped, the students enjoyed making and watching the waves as the one way energy moved from one end of the model to another.

This was a creative way of making science fun.

Photos by Christy Porter

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