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Texas County Commission signs “tax freeze” resolution for seniors

By Shari Harris, Publisher

The Texas County Commission signed a resolution on Thursday, November 2, 2023, establishing a tax credit for real property taxes for eligible taxpayers, authorized under Senate Bill 190, which was passed during the recent session of the Missouri General Assembly.

The tax credit will only apply to those eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, who are the owner of record on a homestead or have a legal or equitable interest in such property, and who are liable for the payment of real property taxes on that homestead.

Tax levies affected will only include the Texas County General Revenue levy (Countywide Property Tax). Within the resolution, the Commission explained that they did not feel they had the legal right to apply the tax credit to other independent tax levies within the county. Fifty-five separate, independent tax levies exist in the County and are set by individual institutions such as schools, townships, library, sheltered workshop and ambulation districts. The General Revenue levy rate is 0.0998, only a small portion of the entire real property tax.

To receive the tax credit, those eligible will need to apply with the County Clerk before September 30 of any given year. Though the effective date of the resolution was November 2, 2023, the tax credit won’t be on the 2023 taxes. It will apply to 2024 real property taxes.

The Texas County Commission is available to answer questions about the tax credit at 417-967-3222.

Several other Missouri counties have enacted “tax freezes” under SB190, with interpretations varying, but with many freezing all real property taxes for eligible taxpayers.

A petition drive continues within Texas County to put the matter of a full real property tax freeze for eligible taxpayers to a vote. Organizers report over 300 signatures of the 560 needed have been obtained, and their goal is 1,000 signatures.

“They took the law and whittled it down to bare nothing,” said Tim Tippit, one petition drive organizer. “We are continuing on. We will not stop until we get a complete senior tax freeze in accordance with the law.”

Those interested in signing the petition may contact Tippit at 573-674-4155.

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