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Ordinance putting marijuana tax on ballot must be amended

By Shari Harris, Publisher

 The Board of Aldermen met at the Council Chambers at City Hall on Tuesday, November 14, for their regular business meeting. Items of note during the meeting included an ordinance passed by a 2-1 vote (quorum) to add a question to the ballot for the April election regarding imposing a sales tax on marijuana sales within the City. A MIRMA grant was also received by the police department.

Ordinance No. 657 was passed at the meeting with yes votes from Alderman Linda Breedlove and Alderman Joe Dillard, and a no vote from Alderman Erin McConnell. Alderman Danny Wade was not in attendance due to illness. The following week, City Administrator Kirkwood learned that an amended ordinance would need to go before the board for a vote, as the ordinance required a majority vote, not a quorum. Therefore the issue will be raised again at the December meeting.

The ordinance approved by a quorom read as follows: “An ordinance imposing a sales tax at a rate of three percent on all tangible personal property retail sales of adult use marijuana sold within the City of Licking, Missouri, pursuant to Article XIV, Section 2.6(5) of the Missouri Constitution subject to the approval by the voters of the City at the general municipal election to be held on April 2, 2024; designating the form of ballot; and directing the City Clerk to provide notice of said election.”

Alderman McConnell expressed his opposition to the ordinance as an opposition to any sale of marijuana in the City.

If the amended ordinance passes in December, the issue will be placed on the April ballot.

Photo by Shari Harris
Kelly Beets, MIRMA, left, and Detective Kenny Santee, LPD.

Kelly Beets, Senior Loss Control Consultant for the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (MIRMA), presented a grant for a total of $2,407.00, to Detective Kenny Santee of the Licking Police Department. The risk grant program provides funds to reduce or eliminate areas of risk, and is earmarked by the department for the purchase of tasers and less-than-lethal rounds.

Department Head Reports:

Utilities Supt. Rodney Sullins – The City Department is working on winterizing and repairing. New lines were put on the grader and it sounds good after the motor was rebuilt. The backhoe is good after the transmission was redone. The sheds are 3/4 full of salt so none will need to be purchased for winter. Quite a few culverts have been replaced in the City.

City Administrator/Clerk Rhonda Kirkwood – A citation has been issued to a nuisance house on Sackett Street. Cleaning has stopped at a property on South Main Street. It was decided that the property owner would have ten days to make noticeable improvement, and if that doesn’t happen, the City will clean it up and put a tax lien on the property.

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  1. Jason Smith on December 2, 2023 at 7:34 am

    I think this would be a great tax revenue stream for the city of Licking.

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