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Thankful for a burden

Photo by Shari Harris
The Licking Ministerial Alliance welcomed New Life Freewill Baptist Church into their alliance Sunday. From left, Pastor Gary Parker, New Life Freewill Baptist Church; Pastor Erin McConnell, Licking Pentecostal Holiness Church; Pastor Rob Lilly, First Baptist Church; Pastor John Jordan, Rock Springs Baptist Church; Pastor Russ Stigall, Boone Creek Baptist Church; and Pastor Matt McGuire, Abounding Hope Baptist Church.

By Shari Harris, Publisher

“Thankful for a Burden” was the message by host Pastor Rob Lilly at the Licking Ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving Service on Sunday evening at the First Baptist Church of Licking. Each of the pastors of the alliance’s member churches provided Bible readings as well, with Beth Chilton and the choir leading the congregation in song. The evening ended with fellowship and an array of finger foods and snacks.

Pastor Lilly shared the story of Nehemiah and the burden he shouldered regarding the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. He warned of “skipping through Christian life…with no burden.”

“God wants to give you a burden for others in your heart,” he explained. ”God wants you to ask questions, to insert your heart into divine moments, into the ministry of our churches.”

Lilly advised the importance of getting a burden, then having honest prayer in which you give thanks, give glory to God, and confess sins honestly.

The Licking Ministerial Alliance has gladly taken on the “burden” of helping those in need in the community, and meets and hosts services during the year in order to be able to address that calling.

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