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Agriculture education is on the move at Phelps R-3 Elementary

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Mrs. Spurgin’s third grade class at Phelps County R-3 Elementary enjoyed the agriculture program.

Missouri Farmers Care

Missouri Farmers Care Foundation’s Agriculture Education on the Move™ (AEOTM™) is excited to announce a partnership this fall with Phelps County R-3 Elementary to educate elementary students at about agriculture.

AEOTM™, a program of the Missouri Farmers Care Foundation, is a proactive, educational effort in which passionate, trained educators spend time in the classroom helping elementary students build agricultural literacy. During the ten-week program, Phelps County R-3 Elementary students will learn about crops, livestock, soil and water conservation, nutrition, careers in agriculture and more. The STEM-focused lessons and curriculum meet state learning objectives. Hands-on activities provide fun and interactive ways of learning as students make soybean germination necklaces, corn plastic, butter, feed rations, soil profiles and more. Students connect with real Missouri farm families through the curriculum and learn how their dedication and year-round efforts affect our daily lives.

“Agriculture education in elementary classrooms is a valuable experience for all involved,” said Heather Fletcher, AEOTM™ program director. “Students, teachers and even AEOTM™ educators and partners are connecting to the world around them, where their food comes from and how agriculture affects daily life. We value each participating school and look forward to returning year after year.”

Twenty students at Phelps County R-3 Elementary will learn about food, fuel and fiber with local AEOTM™ Educator Kelly Nisbett this fall.

“The entire community benefits from Agriculture Education on the Move™ as local students experience the thrill of germinating seeds, understanding the basics of how their food is produced and seeing, many for the first time, the agriculture all around them,” said Ashley McCarty, MFC executive director. “The connections the students make this semester will help inform their perspectives as future consumers and see the potential of agriculturally-related careers.”

The free Ag Education on the Move Coloring Fun App can extend learning for elementary students through the summer months. The app gives youth an opportunity to virtually explore their connection to the food they eat, fuel they use, and fiber as they color their way through the farm. The app is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore at Free, downloadable partner resources are available at to provide additional summer fun and learning.

The AEOTM™ program is funded through Missouri Farmers Care, a coalition of more than 40 Missouri agriculture groups. Missouri soybean farmers and their check off and the MFA Oil Foundation support funding of the program, along with contributions from: Missouri Corn Merchandising Council, FCS Financial, MFA Incorporated, Missouri Beef Industry Council and the Missouri Fertilizer Control Board.


Ag Education on the Move™ (AEOTM™), a program of Missouri Farmers Care, is a proactive, educational effort that brings passionate, trained educators to the classroom to build agricultural literacy at elementary ages. The ten-week hands-on education program works to increase general understanding of agriculture through interactive educational experiences in the classroom and on the farm.


Missouri Farmers Care Foundation enables Missourians to understand the influence and importance of agriculture in their daily lives by serving as the centralized hub of the unified educational programs, awards, and hunger relief efforts of Missouri’s agricultural community.


Missouri Farmers Care is a joint effort by Missouri’s agriculture community to stand together for the men and women who provide the food and jobs on which our communities depend. The coalition of more than 40 leading Missouri agricultural groups promotes the growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities through coordinated communication, education and advocacy.

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