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Sen. Eslinger accepts role as Commissioner of Education

Photo by Christy Porter


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “I am proud to accept the role of Commissioner of Education for Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. I will continue to serve as senator of the 33rd Senatorial District through the Second Regular Session of the 102nd General Assembly. While finishing my term, I plan to develop an action plan that addresses the immediate and long-term challenges facing education in Missouri.

In my view, we must eliminate barriers to high quality education for all children. We must ensure full transparency and accountability is given to parents and the public. Under my leadership there will be accountability for our children at every level.

I support parental choice, public charter schools, rural and urban K-12 and early childhood learning. I have and will continue to advocate for early vocational and technical training, as well as traditional education. We must allow good schools to thrive and continue to succeed, while providing support to educators and addressing concerns we see in the classroom today. Every child deserves to receive the best education according to the expectation and hopes of their parents.”

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