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“Arsenic and Old Lace” presented at LHS

Photo by Shari Harris
From left, Abby (Paige Kilby), Martha (Ashlee Umfleet), Teddy (Jack Roberts) and Mortimer Brewster (Gaige Nicholson) discuss Teddy’s “safari,” which will send him to a mental institution. Present to accompany Teddy are Lt. Rooney (Karissa Malikowski-Whitten) and Doctor Witherspoon (Phillip Clark).

By Shari Harris, Publisher

It was a family-size case of insanity onstage at the old gym at Licking High School during Thursday and Friday’s presentations of “Arsenic and Old Lace” by the Licking Theater Department.

The plot follows the Brewster family, which includes a number of maniacs, most of them homicidal in nature. Mortimer Brewster (Gaige Nicholson) tries to hold the family together, caring for two spinster aunts, Martha (Ashlee Umfleet) and Abby (Paige Kilby), and brother Teddy (Jack Roberts), who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt. Mortimer discovers his two aunts have been poisoning visitors, and sends his fiancee, Elaine Harper (Araya Manson) away to spare her from what he believes will be his eventual madness. The return of long-lost, and also homicidal brother Jonathon Brewster (Alex Sprouse) only adds to the turmoil.

The play culminates in Mortimer learning he was adopted, and he leaves to find Elaine, allowing the deadly duo of Martha and Abby to return to their beloved pastime.

Other cast members included Phillip Clark, Elan Sullins, John Hardy and Karissa Malikowski-Whitten. The stage crew was Bobby Miller and Isaac Rinne. Set design was completed by Ms. Crystal Frailey, Abbigail Penn, Tracie Routh and Bobby Miller. The Theater Department is under the direction of Mrs. Briana Link.

Photos by Shari Harris

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