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Red foxes spotted at Licking Library

Photo by Christy Porter
The Anderson family enjoyed learning about red foxes, hearing a holiday story and then creating a red fox ornament during a Licking Library visit from MDC Naturalist Wendy Lott. From left are Trent, Kaylyn and Josiah Anderson, Naturalist Wendy Lott and Isaiah Anderson.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Missouri Department of Conservation Naturalist Wendy Lott, from Twin Pine Conservation Education Center at Winona, visited the Licking Library on Friday for some holiday fun with local children. She taught them about fox wildlife in our area, read a holiday story and helped them make a red fox ornament to take with them.

The red fox is one of two foxes common to our area; the other is the gray fox, which can actually climb trees. The pups or cubs are not born red, but color as they grow; they generally leave home at the age of one. Red foxes are omnivores, meaning they eat meat and plant life, and are really smart.

The children got to feel the pelt of a red fox, see their life span with pictures provided, and ask and answer questions.

Lott then read the story of “The After-Christmas Tree,” written by Linda Wagner Tyler, with pictures by Susan Davis. They learned how you could use our natural resources to help our wildlife.

More hands-on fun began when the Anderson family created their own red fox ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree at home. Perhaps they can also share some stories about their afternoon when red foxes were spotted at the Licking Library.

Photos by Christy Porter

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