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FLW to coordinate South Gate emergency entries

By Shari Harris, Publisher

The Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office released a statement on Thursday, February 1, advising that individuals needing access to the South Gate for emergency medical purposes during the hours of closure would be able to gain entry by calling 911.

During the community meeting held in Roby, many members of the public expressed that due to the extended response time required for EMS personnel to reach them, most use private vehicles to access emergency medical care at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH). Their concern with the overnight closures of the South Gate was the added time required to access GLWACH, either from driving around to gain access through the Main Gate, or from utilizing the 911 system and waiting for an ambulance, which could gain entry through the South Gate.

The new protocol to gain access through the South Gate during its hours of closure are as follows:

  • Call 911
  • Notify the 911 dispatcher that you are driving to GLWACH and need assistance with the gate.
  • FLW will be contacted by the 911 dispatcher and will be prepared to meet private vehicles at the South Gate to allow access to emergency medical care.

The Directorate of Emergency Services for Fort Leonard Wood has coordinated with all local county 911 call centers to develop this protocol.

The statement concluded with the following assurances. “We value all communities surrounding the installation and their health and well-being. We want to ensure all have access to timely and life-saving medical care.”

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